Jason Collins Receives Congratulations From Kobe Bryant, Chris Kluwe, Spike Lee, Others

As soon as news broke that NBA athlete Jason Collins made the history-making decision to come out publicly as gay in a Sports Illustrated cover story this morning, his peers, fans and straight allies began offering their admiration. Read some of the congratulatory tweets below.


















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  • Yiannis

    With his move, there will be long-term benefits to our cause. I congratulate him, wish him the best and am looking forward to a time – not too long from now – of full equality.

  • Dr. Dick

    I’m deliriously happy :P and the fact that he’s black makes the victory seem somehow sweeter….(probably becuz i am too, one of those “U kinda had to be there” moments )

  • Alan down in Florida

    Congrats to Jason. I hope you suffer a minimum of personal pushback and that your courage and openness does not have a negative effect on your finding a team to play on next season. I also wish you love and happiness now that you are ready for them.

  • cghmid

    Wonderful! I knew this moment was close at hand whether is was from the NFL, Pro Baseball, NBA, NHL, or whichever. The fact that is occurred with an athlete from one of the “mainline” American pro sports leagues is even better. I actually expected that it would come from a sport that was not as “All American” such as soccer, etc. Not that there would be anything wrong that, but, face it, the U.S. as a whole has tunnel vision when it comes to what it thinks is a “real” professional sport and the fact that it happened with one of those gives all of those “real men” the finger (no pun intended!).

    GARETH THOMAS in the U.K. has lead the charge showing the world that you can be gay AND an ass-kicking athlete all at the same time. One does not preclude the other.

    WELL DONE, Mr. Thomas!! Don’t take any shit from anyone over this. I’m quite sure you are capable of kicking some ass if anyone gives you crap in the locker room and I, for one, hope you do!

  • cghmid

    Correction and apologies, I did not mean to refer to him as Mr. Thomas, but Mr. Collins…..heavy on the Mister!


    I have no idea how to be more happy for you Jason. Big love and all the support to you man. AdamHomo,

  • FStratford

    Oh yeah!

    Now for the NFL… where’s Tim Tebow?

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