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Jeanine Pirro’s new series about Hunter Biden’s drinking problem has everyone saying the same thing

Now that her show Justice with Judge Jeanine has been canceled, Jeanine Pirro is turning her journalistic eye toward a topic she knows well.

Last night, the Fox News personality premiered her trashy four-part (yes, FOUR-part!) docuseries for Fox Nation that dives into Hunter Biden’s life, primarily focusing on his struggles with drugs and alcohol and his alleged “sex addiction.”

Per Fox News:

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is both an enigma and an open book. His shadowy dealings have been investigated by a senate committee, while his twisted personal life was made public when he abandoned his laptop in 2019. With thousands of photos, videos, emails, and text messages the laptop documents his life of rock-bottom drug use, deep sexual depravity, and high-level wheeling and dealing. Much of this business facilitated, as Hunter readily admits, by the Biden name.

Fox News tweeted about the series this morning, writing: “Who is Hunter Biden? Judge Jeanine Pirro dives into the sad backstory of the president’s son.”

Pirro’s obsession with Hunter goes back quite some time. She talked about his stupid laptop ad nauseam on Justice with Judge Jeanine and appeared on other Fox shows to discuss the matter, as well.

Here she is talking about him on Fox & Friends in May 2021:

Oh, oops! Wrong video.

That’s a clip from March 2020 when people suspected she was drunk on air after arriving 15 minutes late to her own show, which was being broadcast from her home, and appearing out of sorts. (She later issued a statement pushing back against the drunk rumors by saying she was having teleprompter issues.)

Here she is talking about Hunter on Fox & Friends in May 2021:

Last March, Pirro was asked by comedians Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler (a.k.a. The Good Liars), who were posing as fans, if she ever got drunk before going on the air.

“I watched you one time and you were slurring your words a little bit,” Stiefler said in a video that quickly went viral.

“I was never slurring my words,” Pirro denied.

“But that’s what we like about it,” Selvig added. “It’s funny!”

Pretty much everyone has had the same response to Pirro’s trashy new docuseries…

Watch the trailer for “Who is Hunter Biden?” below. Or don’t.

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