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Jennifer Lopez Bringing Lesbian Drama To ABC Family. Is It Adios American Idol?

When Jennifer Lopez hinted she might bow out of being a judge on American Idol because she was too busy, we never thought it was a lesbian TV show that was taking up her time.

This weekend, it was announced that J-Lo is developing an hourlong lesbian drama for ABC Family. The as-yet-untitled show follows a pair of mommies—a cop and a teacher—who are raising adopted twins and a biological son, when a delinquent teenage girl comes into their lives.

J-Lo is exec-producing with Simon Fields via her company, Nuyorican Productions, and will likely take on a guest role. We’re giddy just imagining the pop superstar as a Home Depot saleswoman who volunteers at a cat shelter on the side.

Photo: Ana Cley

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  • QJ201

    Well her career got sorta revived, so buh bye Idol.

  • Gabby

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    Spread the word and good luck! <3 :)

  • LeNair Xavier

    Jennifer Lopez has her hands in so much I wonder when is she actually a Mom to her twins, instead of her nanny. I’m not trying to be judgmental, but in the midst of those who applaud this just because it a “gay story”, you need to realize that this is why so many celebrity kids go astray. They’re acting out, seeking attention from their REAL parent who’s too busy seeking financial wealth to experience the wealth of being a parent.

  • michael

    Um Jenny, do you remember your career in the years before American Idol?

    Yeah, neither do we.

    Jumping off the ship that sailed you your way is the quickest way to drown…. again.

  • Dixie Rect

    She’s a no talent low class tacky old tramp. She got fired from AI due to low ratings and inability to judge. It was laughable, a woman with no singing talent at all was judging others. If she were auditioning for this show, she’d be laughed off the stage. She is a rotten mother and is only concerned with herself, her looks and her boy toy lover. She is a disgrace to women and mothers.

  • jylooey

    @LeNair Xavier her mom takes care of her kids, almost full-time, and jlo takes the twins for walks daily and I assume that she fits in quality time based on this example of… attention. yep… you shouldn’t be so judgmental.. it can be embarrassing :-)

    source: former neighbor

  • Tammy Hey

    @Dixie Rect: Wow…. Relax on the Hater-ade Dixie. She might not be be a fantastic singer but she works hard and she has made something of herself. I don’t understand the venom in your personal attacks but lets give her some credit for creating something for mainstream television to help support our community.

  • The true j.ho basher

    Nobody will going watch that fu*kery.her supposed sitcom will going have the low ratings just like American Idol right now,her movies b/c she can’t act for crap and her music career is a joke b/c she can’t sing for crap and I’m glad her clothing brand is no longer here b/c she is trying to make young girls look like $lut$ like her.stick to your dancing career,mamita,oops,my bad,you are a has been so stay home with your kids and lay off some young c0cks,j.ho.this slore is like the modern day Joan Crawford,the box office poison.

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