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Jim Jordan is literally having a panic attack on Twitter about turkeys

If there’s one thing Rep. Jim Jordan is good for, it’s ignoring sexual assault complaints from college wrestlers and being unable to recall if he spoke to Donald Trump before, during, or after the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol saying something idiotic on Twitter and then getting dragged for it in the comments. This week was no exception.

“Turkeys are going to cost more this Thanksgiving,” Jordan, who is currently under intense scrutiny for his alleged involvement in the January 6 insurrection, warned on Tuesday. “But don’t worry. The Biden Administration says you saved 16 cents on July 4th.”

We’re not even going to bother trying to make sense of his tweet, because, well, why bother? The man’s an idiot. But giving credit where credit is due, we will say he’s right in saying the cost of turkeys is expected to be slightly higher this Thanksgiving season compared to last year.

The Farm Bureau’s 2020 annual report found the average cost of last year’s Thanksgiving dinner for 10 was the lowest it’s been in a decade, coming in at roughly $46.90, or less than $5 per person. In 2019, it was slightly higher, at $48.91, but still less than $5 per person. It remains to be seen exactly what the average cost of this year’s turkey dinner for 10 will be, but if history is any indication, we’re guessing it will probably once again fall around the $5 per person mark, give or take a few cents.

But we digress. The point is, the amount it costs to serve turkey and the traditional sides to a table of 10 on Thanksgiving fluctuates year after year depending on things like inflation and supply and demand. This is Economics 101 stuff. But it didn’t stop Jordan from trying to turn turkeys into a political rallying cry.

Anything to distract from the fact that the House select committee investigating January 6 has their sights set on him, right?

Here’s how people are responding to his frantic turkey tweet…

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