Jim McGreevey Spills His Guts For $500k

Jim McGreevey

Jim McGreevey is more than the former governor of New Jersey and more than an It-guest at the most gauche gay soirees. He’s about to become what so many hope and dream of: a published author. (And with a huge advance, he’ll also become a reported $500,000 richer.)

The proud “gay American” is ramping up his publicity tour for The Confession, his tell-all memoir that, by all accounts, includes some titillating details — like his admission to anonymous sex up at highway reststops before his governor stint.

“All I knew was that my behavior was getting crazier and crazier,” McGreevey says of his torrid truck-stop trysts in an upcoming book that details his tortured life of lies and sexual repression.

“With each new encounter, I was getting nearer and nearer to being caught – which surely would have generated headlines, especially after I became executive director of the state parole board” in the mid-1980s.

An interesting account, certainly. And as well all know, sex sells. Especially hardcovers. Some other interesting bits from his pages:

• He tried to overcome his homosexuality with Playboy centerfolds
• After resigning as governor, he spent time at a psychiatric hospital
• When he was younger, he considered entering the Catholic priesthood as a young to escape his gay feelings
• He screwed around with girls while attending an all boys high school, but wasn’t interested in them sexually