J’Lem Mayoral Hopeful Prefers Death To Gay Pride

Russian-Israeli businessman Arcadi Gaydamak doesn’t mince words when it comes to the gays.

Gaydamak, who hopes to be Jerusalem’s next mayor, said Monday that he’d rather die than allow another gay pride in the holy city:

When I’m elected mayor, I would die before allowing the pride parade to be held in Jerusalem. They want to be proud? They’re allowed to. They want to demonstrate? Fine. But the streets of Jerusalem are a symbol, and parading on them would be an aggressive act against our tradition, against our values and against our morale. I would lie on the ground in order to block the march and would even die before I approve the pride parade in the city.

Gaydamak also criticized current Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski for allowing pride in exchange for “political gain.”