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John Berry’s It Gets Better Video Is Not The Stodgy Misfire We Expected

So here is an It Gets Better video from John Berry, the OPM director and the highest-ranking known gay in the Obama administration. And I actually like it! Berry, who says he wasn’t bullied as a kid, focuses not on the torment of other kids like most of these videos, but on how he overcame pressure from his parents (OMG that tidbit about his father is making me cry) and an innate fear that being gay would mean God didn’t love him. And wow, look how things turned out.

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  • SteveC

    I hope Berry realises by now that ‘god’ does not love him.

    God is a fictional character (a genocidal maniac at that). A fictional character is not capable of love.

    What is Berry doing to persuade his bigotted boss Obama to actually make things better.

    I wish these people who work for homophobic assholes like Obama would stop trying to co-opt the It Gets Better campaign for their own opportunism.

    While Obama refuses to support marriage equality; fights to keep DADT and DOMA through the courts, invites lunatic homophobic extremists like Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, and takes no action on ENDA; then Obama and his administration are part of the problem and not the solution.

    Kids can make things better for themselves by getting involved in direct action groups or engaging in civil dissobedience and social unrest.

    It beats sitting at the back of the bus and hoping that their straight masters are not going to push them under the bus again.

  • DR


    Normally I’m as fast a anyone to criticize Obama for parading out his gay folk good enough for everything but cabinet positions, but dude, sit down and breathe.

    This isn’t about Obama, this is about a man whose family finally came to terms with not only his gayness, but his partner’s health and welcomed that partner and loved him as best they could.

    That’s a hell of a powerful message.

  • Michael @

    BLAH BLAH BLAH. This is the same First Fag who is being SUED by Lambda Legal because he REFUSES to OBEY a CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE’S order to let federal employee Karen Golinski add her wife to her medical insurance at NO cost to the government and, per the judge, NO effect on DOMA.

    TRANSLATION: Now BERRY is one of the oppressors of gays.

  • reason

    @Michael @ It is thanksgiving, but it is clear who is not thankful. How come no rants about how homophobic and bigoted he is, I guess you only use that to malign straight people.

  • the crustybastard

    “It gets better. Someday you might become a kapo like me.”
    – John Berry

    Berry is a counterproductive jagov.

  • HM

    For most, it does get better. Accepting Friends, enlightened family, even employers that offer health and other beenys.

    Or you become a bitter, cunty moral absolutist that rages on websites. Worse. Much worse.

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