Join Blues Fuzion’s Anti-Gay (And Anti-Everything Else) Sing-Along

Blues Fuzion is a band with a serious message about how effed up the United States is now that old-timey sepia-toned religion has been swept away and nobody spells the word “assembly” with an extra letter “e” anymore. They address this issue at 0:10 in the video for their song “Christian Nation?” Watch it immediately and you’ll learn about some of the band’s other lyrical concerns, like…

0:29 “They” are stealing away the nonspecific rights of Christians with nonspecific legislation.

0:41 Some African-American woman in a parka is performing all the abortions in the world.

0:44 “They” want to steal children away from two adults on the beach. Or maybe the two adults on the beach are the ones who did the child-stealing. Either way, hide your kids from “they.”

1:00 Barney Frank is going to take over everything with the wave of a hand.

1:06 Gays getting married is the same thing as bondage porn.

1:29 Fat people in hats are asleep in recliners and somebody should do something about that.

1:37 Leprechauns did it. Fuckin’ leprechauns. They made 9/11.

1:49 Blind people are somehow culpable in all this. They are, apparently, blindfolding sighted people and making them cross streets. This didn’t happen before Obama.

2:24 Nancy Pelosi and all the Supreme Court justices conspired to make some kid fall asleep on a couch when he should have been keeping watch for his religious liberty. Now more leprechauns are going to show up and snatch it away.

2:45 Mount Rushmore, you’re not so innocent, either. It’s because of you that the following picture of a wolf photoshopped wearing a sheep outfit happened.

2:50 President Obama gives a secret handsignal to his followers that translates to: “Go get em, leprechauns, homosexuals and Abortion Coat Lady!”

2:57 Obtaining a Bible-verse-emblazoned coffee mug is the first step to healing this once-proud land. Only then will Christians be free to misspell “assembly” again.

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  • Nick Thiwerspoon

    Very funny. Mockery is a more powerful weapon than abuse, which is why through the ages, rulers have hated comedians and cartoonists.

    These people are hateful. But let’s mcok them as often as we can. Laughing at them will eventually show everyone how very peculiar they are, as well as how nasty.

  • Ganondorf

    Is Poe’s law at work here…can’t tell, can’t be bothered to care one way or another. Their audience of teaparty mercans are just fifteen million fat, confused old white people who are very angry and literally don’t know why. Just angry and irrelevant, like the christers.

  • Laughriotgirl

    This was totally funny.

  • Daniel S

    I am a fat white person who has, at one time, fallen asleep in a chair, but I am also gay, I would like to know what the radically religious conservatives have to say about this high priority situation?

  • Brad

    Surely that was a joke.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Laughriotgirl: @Brad:

    Go to their website — — and to one’s horror, see and listen for yourself that this video is all too serious.

  • james_from_cambridge

    Like Ganondorf above said, Poe’s Law is confusing the crap out of me here! It has to be a parody.

  • Elloreigh

    As someone said in the comments on YouTube, “Wow, ignorance and terrible music all rolled into one.”

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