Jonah Hill Yells Homophobic Slur At Photographer Complimenting His Outfit

4714817469_bee8f9c60e_zJonah Hill, an actor best known for telling poop jokes and making fart noises in cinematic masterpieces such as Superbad, Knocked Up, and This Is the End, yelled a homophobic slur at a photographer in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

“Suck my dick you faggot,” he said.

Hill used the extremely offensive slur in response to the photographer’s compliment on his disgusting outfit. As you can see in the video, Hill is sporting an unwashed polo shirt with his floral K-Mart sale rack board shorts — the photographer is apparently a fan of this look, because he says “I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy.”

The paps followed Hill around the corner and wished him a good day. That’s when Hill, perhaps believing he was no longer being filmed, requested that the photographer “suck his dick” before calling him a “faggot.”

Jonah Hill is no friend to the gays, though TMZ would like you to think so. They point to a celebrity bandwagon campaign he jumped on in 2013 to condemn anti-gay legislation in Russia ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics as proof that he is “pro-gay rights” — he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a shirt that read “Love Conquers Hate in Russia.”

Gee, thanks for all the support, Jonah!

Check out the video over at TMZ.

Update: Jonah Hill offered what he believes to be an “apology” during the Howard Stern Show this morning. He alleges that he is “a gay rights activist,” justified saying “faggot” because photographers were “saying hurtful things” to him, and plays the “I have gay friends” card at least three times:

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  • gskorich

    I wonder how many times faggot was said that day or any day. the gay community is not the trans community. one little word does not mean the man is out to kill us. relax queerty, keep looking. I’m sure you’ll find some homophobia somewhere

  • Nowuvedoneit

    What’s more offensive is the thought of his p 3nis, blah or him nak3d.

  • Cam


    The issue is, that he thinks that that is the worst insult he could hurl at somebody.

    I get what you’re saying, but lets put a different face on your excuse. If he called the guy an N-Word and somebody came in here and said “I wonder how many times N****r was said that day or any day.

    It isn’t that we are all going to faint because we heard it, it’s that again, the fact that he thinks that is such a horrible thing to call the guy gives some insight into his mindset.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @Cam: probably because he knows not many are interested in him sexually. That’s the real insult. I could care less what this comedian thinks is an insult. He needs to up his tired one dimensional comedy act. Playing the same character just different clothes every movie.

  • BJ McFrisky

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    But call me a ‘faggot’ and I’m ruined for life.”

    Seriously, guys, aren’t we more mature than this? There are so many more important issues to address than a rich, spoiled limousine liberal running his rich, spoiled mouth.

  • capsule

    Considering many gay kids’s actual lives are still being ruined because of the bullying, it’s offensive to claim that we should tolerate gay slurs.

  • cyberdoogi

    Surely the point is, it is bullying and disrespectful behaviour on this so called comedians part. Queerty is full of reports of young people being bullied and attempting suicide. Seeing this type of behaviour just reinforces the bully’s behaviour that they can get away with it because look, someone famous does it!

  • Raphael

    I completely agree with gskorich, and about Jonah’s request… I would actually love that!

  • gskorich

    @capsule: I hear the term everyday within the gay community. embrace the word. remove the negative meaning and you’ll be fine

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @cyberdoogi: You aren’t going to stop bullying by stopping the word from being used. It’s educating grown ups and children on accepting differences. People are going to be mean one way or another to each other regardless of what words are used.

  • capsule

    Did you defend Isaiah Washington who used “Faggot” slur?

  • gskorich

    @capsule: you are making this out to be a hate crime. there are bigger battles out there. jonas hill calling a photographer is not the end of my world.

  • KDub

    So what? Gay guys throw words like “faggot” and “queen” around all the time. Gay media even helps to make these terms mainstream (Dan Savage’s “Hey Faggot”, Andy Cohen’s “Fashion Queens”). Guys throw “bitch” at each other a lot too, but you don’t see women falling out and whining about it or claiming it as automatic misogyny. Toughen up, guys. You’re giving these words way too much power over you.

    @gskorich: Agreed! This community really needs to learn to pick its battles better. I hate that we’re becoming known for being a bunch of crybabies. It just plays up to so many stereotypes about gay men.

  • gskorich

    @KDub: i was reading jonas hill on howard stern, the photographer was not complimenting him, he was being condescending.

  • brew2431

    His true views shone through with his train wreck animated series Allen Gregory

  • Wilberforce

    Sounds to me like the word was spoken with hatred. That’s the point. Friends can use it, but not haters.

  • robertde

    Honestly, Jonah is lucky that the paparazzi even have any interest in him.The man is a very fat unattractive slob. He is lucky he has a career
    He cant act he cant’t do stand up comedy. I really think his breakthrough has more to do with him being liked by his more attractive and talented friends like Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney etc.

  • KDub

    @gskorich: Yeah, the story I read said the “pesky photographer continued to hound” him. You always have to read these stories off of Queerty to get the full unbiased scoop. I think if you intentionally provoke people, you deserve whatever name you called back. Labeling this homophobia is just an insult to true homophobia.

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky: said…

    ““Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    But call me a ‘faggot’ and I’m ruined for life.”
    Seriously, guys, aren’t we more mature than this?”

    But it is showing that Hill thinks this word is a terrible insult. It’s about him, not the word. You attacked anybody who dared suggest Chris Christie was overweight, why attack them but now excuse Hill by claiming that to complain is immature?

  • Kieran

    A big fat slob hog beast like Jonah Hill is what passes for a “celebrity” in America today. Sad.

  • Tookietookie123

    @gskorich: You can’t remove the meaning of the word, the idea that you can is absurd and downright stupid. Look at the N-word, which is embraced by a lot of black people yet used to negatively connote a black person outside of the black community. The n-word is embraced yet the negative meaning is still there, the same will happen with the F-word. At least when people say the N-word black people get offended, some of us gay people try to act as if it’s normal and okay now.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Cam: Hi there, Cam!

    To clarify, I never “attacked anybody who dared suggest Chris Christie was overweight.” It’s obvious Christie is fat—that’s not in dispute. But when someone uses physical appearance as a means of attack, then they’ve gone too far. And boy oh boy, do the Queerty readers love to attack those with whom they disagree based on physical appearance, which in truth says more about them than it does about their targets.

    Have a great day, Cam!

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    So you didn’t attack people, but you just stated that by doing so they had gone too far, but apparently don’t see a problem with Hill attacking somebody with words that denote who a person is.

    So disagreeing with Hill using the F word is immature, but you will go after people who mention Christie’s weight. What is the difference other than you attacked Hill for being a Liberal and Christie is obviously a conservative who has fought against gay rights. Is there another issue?

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    Oh, and BJ, in response to your comment of “” But when someone uses physical appearance as a means of attack, then they’ve gone too far. And boy oh boy, do the Queerty readers love to attack those with whom they disagree based on physical appearance, which in truth says more about them than it does about their targets.””

    Let me paste one of your own comments on a Chris Christie post.
    “”Very reassuring to see how scared you guys are of a Christie campaign, despite the fact that Jersey Democrats seem to love him. It just means that old, fat, exhausted Hillary will have her work cut out for her in 3 years. And when the passage of the abysmal Obamacare debacle is made a campaign issue, she’ll have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.””

    Link to that post and your comment……

    Apparently you have no trouble attacking others based upon their appearance. So again, why defend the use of the anti-gay slur, but then attack those who mention Christie’s weight, but then turn around and attack Hillary for her weight?

    Your defense of the Anti-gay slur seems incredibly inconsistent and I state again that it blatantly gives insight into Hill’s thought process.

  • xzall

    It’s funny that the very people calling everyone else oversensitive and claiming that sticks and stones can’t hurt you, are the same ones quick to call others out for their own trigger words.

    They’re the ones who complain about political correctness run amok but cry foul when they’re called teabaggers for instance. Or in Cam’s example the person doesn’t hesitate to call others fat or old but don’t want their favorite person or someone in their political party called that.

  • ingyaom

    If Hill had been gay, then I wouldn’t mind so much hearing the F-word from him. It’s like black people using the N-word – may not like it, but who am I to stop them (since I’m not black myself)?

  • Nowuvedoneit

    I saw a lot if these same commenters defend the use of the word tr*nny but now are upset that [email protected] was used. Both words can and will probably be used as slurs. Second they are words and as such do not make an individual. Third if someone hates you and wants to physically harm they are going to. Someone can be punching and screaming I’m a g*d [email protected] turkey [email protected] but that won’t make me one. You are either for free speech for all or you can join all those fringe groups in curbing freedom and dialogue.

  • David

    @gskorich: Amen! I totally accept his apology. One of the gay columnists was talking about how Alec Baldwin, when tormented and set up, pulled out what was an ugly word in childhood. I mean, I might even use it if I were pissed off.

    As usual, Queerty sets up the story for maximum torment and strife. The photographer “complimented him?” I bet he had stalked him all morning.

    Jonah, carry on. Your apology is good enough for me.

  • gskorich

    @Tookietookie123: you remove the negativity by not allowing words to affect you in a negative way. i know i’m not a faggot , say it all you want does not affect me

  • David

    @cyberdoogi: He was pissed off at a skunk paparazzi that was stalking him . He wasn’t bullying a gay child. There’s a HUGE difference.

    I’m starting a movement: if a word is acceptable for use by any group, it’s acceptable for use by all groups. People need to look for intent and motive. I hope I’m not missing some huge point, but I’m sick of word police.

  • Cam


    I get what you are saying but there is a big difference here.
    RuPaul was describing how he called HIMSELF a TR***Y because of dressing in women’s clothing. Hill was attacking somebody by calling them a F****T.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @Cam: I get it offended you and it was used as a slur. I don’t get that the pap was offended at all by the comment and he’s the one that was offered that horrible invite to suck Jonah’s grey worm. Maybe the pap knows he’s not a [email protected] and is brushing it off?

  • arj

    Who cares what this fatass thinks?

  • Cam


    Actually it isn’t really about it offending me. I think it just points out something clearly. I’m not saying that Hill can’t say it. I’m saying that it gives me an insight into him. That he thinks that is one of the worst things you can call people. Hill should be the one thinking about why it was that word that came to mind rather than calling the guy a D**K, an AS****E, etc…

    As for the offer. Ugh, that would have to be a pretty hard-up Pap.

  • realyreallyreally

    Career ending? Really? You want his career over and him out on the street because he said called a TMZ reporter a faggot. That is bullsh*t! Only person who should be out on the street is the one who wrote this article. Last bit is indulge me on how is calling someone a faggot is somehow homophobic? It’s not like “Oh no homosexuality! Run for your lives! I am scared out of my mind! Faggot!” How do you label someone using the word faggot being out of fear of homosexuality? Hydrophobia – Fear of water; Claustrophobia – Fear of enclosed spaces; Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders; Homophobia – Fear of Homosexuality…what the f*ck? Not really.

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