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Is Jules from ‘Euphoria’ trans? Her backstory explained.

Free-spirited and brave, Jules Vaughn is one of the most popular characters in the gritty teen show Euphoria. In the first season, we see her trying to navigate her womanhood and problems with intimacy. There are even several blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments in episodes where we see her inject hormones or swipe on gay dating apps. Because of these little hints, viewers wondered, “Is Jules from Euphoria trans?”

So, is Jules in Euphoria trans, and is it ever clearly stated in the series? When do we find out Jules is trans? Read on to get the full details on this fan-favorite’s backstory and find out when her gender identity is revealed. Warning: spoilers abound!

Who Is Jules Vaughn?

Jules Vaughn is a main character in the HBO series Euphoria. Curious, adventurous, and carefree, Jules soon catches the eye of Rue Bennett as they start their junior year. Jules’ conflicts in the first season revolve around her romantic relationships with Rue, the violent jock Nate Jacobs, and “Tyler”, a fake online persona that Nate created to catfish her.

Jules is shown to be vulnerable when it comes to romance, and her yearning to explore her sexuality led her to hook up with older married men that she met online. One of them was Cal Jacobs, Nate’s father, who didn’t know she was a minor. When Jules recognized Nate from a photo of his wife and young sons on his phone, she quickly left after their encounter. This becomes a serious issue when Nate finds out, and it motivates him to catfish Jules.

Despite her struggle to find loving connections and the harassment she’s faced, Jules is shown to remain a big-hearted and kind character. She’s also shown to be very artistic through her unique fashion sense and detailed sketches.

When Did Jules Transition?

Jules started transitioning when she was 13 years old. It’s shown in the series that her mother was unsupportive when Jules was struggling with dysphoria and even committed her to a psychiatric ward when she was only 11. In stark contrast, she has a good relationship with her father, who supported her transition at a young age.

When we see Jules in the series, she is a trans woman already comfortable in her gender identity. Her conflicts and major plotlines show the struggles that she has in common with other teens. This was a deliberate choice – one approved of by Hunter Schafer, the actress who plays Jules.

As Schafer pointed out to Variety, “There need to be more roles where trans people aren’t just dealing with being trans; they’re being trans while dealing with other issues. We’re so much more complex than just one identity.”

When Does Rue Find Out Jules Is Trans?

Rue finds out that Jules is trans in the third episode of Euphoria. In the pivotal scene, Rue came into conflict with Jules because the latter planned to meet with “Shyguy118”, an anonymous guy she met and fell in love with on a dating app. Rue was concerned for Jules’ safety and tried to convince her to meet this person somewhere public.

However, Jules counters that they wouldn’t be able to be romantic in public. Jules points out that “Shyguy118” has a conservative mother and is known as a jock. “I’m trans,” she says. While this may not be a surprise to Rue, it was a huge reveal for viewers because her gender identity is definitively stated in the dialogue.

Is The Actress Who Plays Jules Trans?

Yes. Hunter Schafer plays Jules and is trans in real life. Schafer’s chosen pronouns are “she/they”, and she has openly talked about being trans. “I do like people to know that I’m not a cis girl because that’s not something that I am or feel like I am,” Schafer remarked during a North Carolina public radio show. “I’m proud to be a trans person.”

Schafer has also spoken up about the difficulty of coming out in high school as a trans teen. In a piece for i-D, she wrote, “As a transgender teenager who grew up in North Carolina, navigating bathrooms on my own was an extremely difficult journey, particularly at public school. In early high school (during a more primary stage in my transition), I felt safer using the women’s restroom and locker room.”

Schafer is critical of trans representation in Hollywood and would like to see trans roles played by trans actors because she feels they can bring their experiences forward to their performances. Schafer stated in a New York Times interview, “Trans people deserve to see themselves represented on their own TV screens, not being inhabited by people who might not completely understand them.”

Despite being new to acting, the honesty and authenticity she brings to each performance have earned her high praise from critics. Euphoria has been renewed for a third season, with Schafer set to reprise her breakout role.

The Bottom Line: Is Jules Trans?

New viewers wondered early on “Is Jules trans in Euphoria?” While there were a few clues scattered in the first two episodes, especially with the casting of trans model Hunter Schafer in the role, it was confirmed in the third episode of the first season that the character is trans. Jules’ transition journey isn’t seen in the series, but her personal development and relationships are a fascinating part of the show.

The show has gotten flak for the mature plotlines, but we highly recommend that you give it a watch for its eye-catching fashion, LGBTQ+ representation, and compelling twists. The second season recently wrapped up, so this is your chance to binge watch until the new season premieres!

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