Justin v. Lance: Battle of the Shirtless Boybanders’ Abs


One is a former boybander-turned-singer, actor, entrepreneur, and fragrance face. The other is a former boybander-turned-Broadway actor, reality dancing show contestant, and professional holiday taker. So what have ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass been up to since the group closed up in 2002? Hitting the gym, obvs. Which begs the question: Whose abs has time been more gracious with? (And there’s a reason Joey Fatone isn’t in this contest.)


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  • terrwill

    OMG!!! Lance we HARDly recognize you ;-P Talk about a total transformation……last shirtless pics of him getting spray tanned showed bit ‘o baby fat……..However we need to give the BBB (best boybander body) Award to Lance. Reason being that is the photos of Timberlake are a few years old. Recently he has taken to the “distinguished” look with huge black Clark Kent glasses which I think he thinks makes him look kinda hot however I think they makes him look kinda silly…………

  • Kyle24

    Justin!! I need to like a guy’s face before I see anything underneath the clothes. I don’t like Lance’s face so I don’t care what is underneath.

  • AlwaysGay

    In my opinion Justin does based on these pictures. The pictures of Justin are actually four years old. He doesn’t look like that now. Justin had less body fat and a better proportioned body than Lance. Lance needs to lose some body fat and build up his lats, delts and pecs in order to have a great looking body.

  • Cam

    In these pictures Justin looks like an annorexic methead, Not my favorite look on a guy.

  • scott ny'er

    never understood the justin attraction. If you really look at his face, his face looks like an old grumpy man.

    justin’s body is rockin’ tho. i’ll give him that.

    now, lance. well, i never understood that attraction either. His face looked just weird to me. But he’s been working out that’s for sure and it’s looking nice.

  • Roberto Muniz Dias

    Not just because Lance is gay, but he’s far much cuter and hotter than Justin, although he’s straight.
    Justin sucks!

  • Helga von ornstein

    My god. That picture of Lance on the top right makes him look like a “man”, if you get my drift. I like that picture. Was it taken by accident? It looks so natural. I didn’t think it possible to photograph him without him looking like a queen.

    I believe what Brittany Spears comment about Justin and his not much to “offer” down there.

    Sorry folks, but I have to go with Lance before and after the “made for cruising” body makeover, which everyone and their grandmother seems to be doing lately.

  • terrwill

    Helga: I too have heard that Justin is hung like a raisin……… He is def. a hottie, has more money than he knows what to do with, can get anyone he wants in the sack (there have been rumors that he has enjoys mansex) but his pee pee is tiny!! Goes to show that there is a little bit ‘o justice in this world.

  • Dave

    I’d take Lance…his pics are current. And JT has a small penis

  • Alexander

    Yeah, Lance all the way. And another thing: how did he get rid of the gayface so suddenly? He kinda looks like a butch Milo Ventimiglia!

  • BobinLA

    Lance looks like he has down’s syndrome. as for JT’s penis size, who the hell cares? I guess queerty attracts more bottoms than tops. i just need his ass.

  • KyleR

    JT still gets my vote. He is like a million times hotter now than when he was N’Sync.

    And as to his penis size, photos or its internet hearsay. And none of that photoshop shit either.

  • Seriously

    Justin may be talented but he’s a womanizing douchebag. Lance is an absolute sweetheart. Lance wins hands down. Way down.

  • Brad

    Well, one thing’s for sure… Lance is getting hotter has he’s getting older. He was cute, no doubt, but now he’s getting some sex appeal — part of that is NOT being skin and bones. Justin is, of course, adorable.

  • Barry

    I would prefer either of them with chest hair. I can’t stand when they shave it all off.

  • transmit

    no, he still looks like a chicken farmer to me.

  • transmit

    actually they both do.

  • alan brickman

    Lance..that is great plastic surgery you’ve had!!…ab implants rock!!…

  • hotshot70

    wish I could have been around the showers the band used!

  • Cafn8ed Leprkon

    Lance has always been my favorite…perhaps my gaydar just worked better than I realized. In any event, being an eye-guy, I always thought Lance had the coolest eyes, which was major bonus points.

    Still has ’em. Still bonus points. Still the prettiest.

  • Mykey

    Why is queerty pitting pics of Justin that look like he was 19 years against more recent pics of Lance in his late 20s?? I’d have to go with Lance, loving the macho look!

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