Kansas Marriage Lawsuit Just Got Even Messier

florida waste of timeA judge in Kansas already told the state that they need to start letting gay and lesbian couples get married. So why are only a few county officials complying?

The marriage case in Kansas has been one of the messiest in the country, and it just got even worse. For starters, that initial ruling wasn’t a decision on the merits of the case — it was just a preliminary ruling before the judge actually decides whose side he’ll take. But apparently he was already leaning so heavily in favor of the gay and lesbian couples that he basically said they should go ahead and get married now.

Kansas, of course, is being a bunch of dicks about the whole thing, even they have no chance of winning. They’re appealing that preliminary ruling to the 10the Circuit, but things haven’t gone their way. Last week, the 10th Circuit shot down the state’s request for a mega-panel, which was Kansas’ last best chance of getting the ruling they wanted.

Now the 10th Circuit will get to decide whether gay couples should get married while the lawsuit makes its long way through the court. Our prediction is that the 10th Circuit will give gay couples the thumbs-up, since that court already overturned marriage bans in neighboring states. From there, the state would be able to petition the Supreme Court for a hearing, which they have absolutely zero chance of winning.

All this, and we haven’t even seen an actual ruling on the merits of the case yet. Great job wasting taxpayers’ money and time, Kansas.