Kathy Griffin Banned From CNN. For, What, the Next 2 Months?

It’s too early to tell whether CNN really won’t be inviting Kathy Griffin back on its New Year’s Eve countdown, but word has it she’s been banned from the network after dropping the F-bomb during the live NYE broadcast, running her mouth about cocaine, and all but outing her co-host Anderson Cooper (okay, the last part happened, but it’s not one of the reasons given for her removal). Okay, but does this mean she’s also axed from flirting with Larry King, live?

And while critics can point to CNN’s low ratings, we’d argue that malady had more to do with the tosses to Lance Bass in Las Vegas, which were neither interesting nor sinful.

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  • alan brickman

    She’s the only I watch NYE on CNN….

  • Ryan

    Their ratings were low BEFORE Kathy went on board on New Years. They knew exactly what they were getting and wanted the controversy.

  • adamblast

    I always enjoy Kathy more in theory than in practice. She was particularly desperate and predictable this year.

  • Cam

    Oh PUH-LEEZE! She was the ONLY reason to watch the damn show. With their ratings tanking they could use a little controversy.

  • Jerry Priori

    She is the reason that CNN is the station we turn to for our New Year’s celebration. Without her, there’s no reason to ring in anything with CNN. Anderson Cooper is beautiful to look at, but he’s very boring television. Hoping Kathy says something inappropriate is what the show is all about! Nothing she said this year was as great as the “slap the dicks out of your mouth” comment she made last year, but she was still a lot of fun.

  • Alexa

    Someone at CNN needs to read Aesop’s Fables.

  • RichardIII

    Why oh why would we spend New Year’s Eve at home watching that hag?

  • Solis

    I’m sorry, but I found Kathy to be really obnoxious on NYE. She seemed to be trying way too hard to be funny and there seemed to be no real flow to the dialogue between Kathy and AC. I got to thinking … why haven’t Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin ever been photographed or filmed in the same room … hmmmm …

  • christopher di spirito

    Oh please. So Kathy said “fuck.”

    I mean it’s not like she asked Anderson to tell the viewers if he prefers getting fucked laying on his back or side? Or, if he prefers cut or uncut penises?

    Really, no wonder CNN saw 30% of their viewers disappear last year.

  • An

    Yeah, I’m not buying this. One single gossip site with a nameless source, and CNN has denied it.

  • Andrew

    The reason why CNN’s audience has dropped 30% in the past 12 months is its shallow reporting. It picks up one story and REPEATS it and REPEATS it for the next few weeks. Talk about flogging a dead horse. Kathy dropping the F word on New Years Eve has no relevance to CNN’s declining audience.

  • Cam

    She’s also a sell out. She used to out celebs, but now that she hangs with them she just continues to talk about the one time she was on the View and Barbara Walters used the word “astro Glide” Kathy should either Out cooper in her stage show, or just admit that she isn’t edgy and get a nice job on a sit-com.

  • Alexa

    I gave up watching CNN in the evening after Rachel Maddow got her show on MSNBC. I still watched it during the day, but it got to be so inane and repetetive I watch MSNBC during the day now as well. The last straw for me was over the weekend (MSNBC rarely airs news programs then) when I switched it on and some reporter started his story with “hey guys.” In dumbing itself down to try to appeal to the lowest common denominator, it’s lost the intelligent ones to MSNBC, PBS, BBC America, etc., but hasn’t picked up any of the stupid ones.

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