LA Pride Is Too Gay For The LAPD, So Now There Are Lawyers Involved

Uh-oh. Last time we saw lawyer Gloria Allred, she was teaching children and America’s TV-viewing public how to have anal sex with a baseball bat. Now she’s back representing a gay LA police officer who has been disallowed from attending Pride because “it would bring ‘discredit’ to the department”. They even put it in writing—a dumb move for a PD already known for its anti-gay reputation. Allred will announce who they’re filing an employment discrimination complaint against during her an 11 AM PDT press conference today. Let’s hope she brings the bat.

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  • Jordan

    I find it hard to believe that “LA Pride is too Gay for the LAPD.” Check out their website: — it’s GAYER than the CSW site.

    Moreover, it was just last week that the LA Police Chief said this, at the LA G&L Heritage Month opening ceremonies at city hall: “Gay and lesbian members of PD are my brothers and sisters.”

    I also want to note that at EVERY SINGLE event I have attended at the LAGLC, I have been approached by the LAPD LGBT Liaison, offering me her card should I ever need to get in touch with them for an urgent situation.

    This must be the work of a middle-manager of some type. I have a hard time believing it’s department policy.

  • Aaron

    A couple small errors in your article…

    He’s a correctional officer at a state prison, not a police officer.

    He’s not suing the LAPD, he’s suing the state.

  • TommyOC

    @Aaron: Villareal is old-Queerty: if it’s west of the Mississippi – or, you know, not Chelsea – it might as well not exist. Thus, it ain’t worth fact-checking.

  • timncguy

    Here we go again Queerty. Remember just last week asking your readers what they wanted to see change and they said they would like editing and fact-checking?

    The officer is not part of the LAPD and the LAPD has nothing to do with this.

    The man is a state corrections officer who works in a woman’s correctional facility located in Chino.

    You even noted at the end of this article that the announcement of the “facts” of this case would be coming later in the day. So, why were you making things up prior to the announcement?

  • Tim

    Another misleading headline accompanied by faux outrage.

  • Jeffrey Drummond

    NO! He created the campaign that demonized and punished LGBT’s. A hugely evil so-called-man. No.

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