Lady Gaga Makes Big Announcement About New Music And More

GagaBesides her stirring speech and controversial rendition of the national anthem at New York Pride, Lady Gaga has been remarkably quiet for months —well, by her standards anyway. But that will end very soon as the pop icon used her Facebook page to announce release dates for her new single and next album.

The album ARTPOP (the all caps are hers) will be released (or as she delicately puts it, will “explode onto the physical and virtual universe”) November 11, but the lead single will be out August 19. Pre-orders for the album and app will begin on September. 9.

Excuse us? An app? Is she planning to help her “little monsters” hook up? Not quite.

According to the posting the app is “a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology” which will establish “Gaga’s existence as a cultural interface” while allowing users to “experience the ‘adrenaline of fame.’” Ooh, OK, we’ll download it.

ARTPOP is described as “a rage of electronic passion and fury.”

Also announced is “artRave,” taking place on November 10, the eve of the album’s release, when the entertainer will host an evening of exhibitions that highlight her work with artists such as Jeff Koons,Marina Abramovic and Robert Wilson.

Gaga’s legion of devoted fans are undoubtedly ecstatic. Just hours after the Facebook announcement, Gaga’s post had received nearly 85,000 likes and 5,000 comments. It appears the Lady is definitely back.

See the entire statement below.

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