Two steps back

Lance Bass points out setback in Vegas recovery efforts

The horrific events that unfolded in Las Vegas over the weekend are bringing new light on an old problem: Gay men are still banned from donating blood in the United States.

At a time when donations are desperately needed to address the mass blood loss in the wake of the attack, many are coming forward to yet again criticize the outdated policy.

Among them are Lance Bass, who tweeted his frustrations over the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) law: “How is it STILL illegal for gays to donate blood??!!”

“I want to donate and I’m not allowed,” he added.

Gay men technically can donate

The law does not specifically bar gay-identifying men from donation, but the way it is written is such that you would have to be sexually inactive for a full 12 months to be eligible to donate.

This aspect of the ban came into effect in December 2015, before which the U.S. had a complete and overall ban on gay and bisexual men donating.

Bass, who is married to longtime partner Michael Turchin, is hardly the only person calling out this bureaucratic blunder of a rule.

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Others chime in

Many other personalities have expressed their opinion of the ban online, from YouTuber Elijah Daniel:

To LGBTI advocate and writer Shane Crone:

Morgan Polikoff, associate professor of Education at the University of Southern California, said:

The UK, which had a similar one-year rule, recently voted to decrease it to three months. Those changes will go into effect there in early 2018.