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Lara Trump rants about importance of “merit” in the White House and the Internet just can’t with her

Lara Trump appeared to be hammering the final nail in irony’s coffin as she called for meritocracy when it comes to filling White House positions.

The comments came during a Saturday appearance on Fox News, as Trump blasted Vice President Kamala Harris as an “embarrassment.”

“She was not chosen based on merit,” she said of the vice president.

“She was chosen based on virtue signaling and pandering to get votes from women and minorities. And what a bad way to ever choose someone for any position. It should always be based on merit, it should only be based on merit,” she argued.

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Harris, of course, was a United States senator, California attorney general, and San Francisco district attorney prior to becoming vice president. Meanwhile, Trump’s sister-in-law Ivanka Trump and brother-in-law Jered Trump were each hired by her father-in-law despite having absolutely no experience in government.

The distinction was not lost on anyone: