meta fail

Laura Ingraham fails spectacularly at impersonating Kate McKinnon impersonating her

Talk about a meta fail.

Laura Ingraham took a moment out of her Monday evening show to try her hand at improv comedy. To the surprise of, frankly, no one, it didn’t go well.

Ingraham attempted to mimic SNL funny woman Kate McKinnon, who had a show-stopping moment on last weekend’s edition of the comedy stalwart when she mimicked the homophobic Fox News host.

Ingraham tried to return in kind, performing an awkward monologue attempting to impersonate McKinnon impersonating her.

“Now there is a reason I like Kate McKinnon,” Ingraham slurred, head lolling about like a water balloon on a stick. “I have so much respect for her as talent.”

“She is so even-handed in the political commentary, but seriously, think of all the low-hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Little Petey B and the squad on a near-daily basis. I think this is kind of comedy gold, don’t you?”

Ingraham closed her cringeworthy attempt at humor by offering to appear on SNL and play herself, or, better yet, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I’m a member of SAG but I will do it for free,” Ingraham joked.

Ingraham may have thought she nailed McKinnon, but viewers felt otherwise. Here’s what people are saying about her ill-fated attempt at satire…

Check out McKinnon’s performance below.