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Lauren Boebert explains why her husband exposed himself in bowling alley

Lauren Boebert explains why her husband exposed himself at a bowling alley in her new memoir
Lauren Boebert (Photo: Facebook)

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert has a new book out. It’s a memoir entitled My American Life. The Washington Examiner got hold of a copy and has printed some extracts. They touch upon Boebert’s brushes with the law, of which there have been several.

Firstly, there was that incident in a bowling alley in 2004.

Lauren is known to have been hanging out with her future husband by the time she was 17. At around this time, Jayson Steven Boebert pleaded guilty to charges of “public indecency and lewd exposure“, after an incident at Fireside Lane in Colorado in which he reportedly took his penis out of his pants to show off a tattoo to two young women.

Lauren was also present at the time. Jayson was sentenced to four days in jail and a subsequent two years on probation.

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According to this report from Salon last year, Garfield County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the bowling alley after being called by the venue’s owner, Larry McCown. He told them he’d repeatedly told Jayson Boebert to leave, after complaints from the women, but he “refused to leave and became belligerent.” Lauren Roberts, as she was then known, was also present and told cops she had not seen Jayson expose himself.

In her new memoir, Lauren oddly fails to mention she was at the bowling alley. Instead, she says Jayson “decided to try to bond with my stepfather” by enjoying a drink with him at the bar.

According to Lauren, “The female bartender flirted with Jayson, having heard previously from his friends what a catch he’d be. They even teased her by saying he’d gotten a great tattoo in a private area, which made her curious, so she pressed Jayson to show it to her right there at the bar. He ignored her and was embarrassed she was doing it in front of my stepfather. She wouldn’t stop.”

Eventually Jayson “decided he’d heard enough, stood up, and acted like he was going to unzip his pants,” says Lauren, painting her future husband as the one being harassed.

“Before he got that far, the owner of the bowling alley intervened.”

Lauren’s version of events differs from statements from other witnesses. One of the two women who said Jayson exposed himself said he, “came up behind us and pulled his penis out of his pants” after personally bragging about his tattoo. The other woman on the receiving end of the exposure gave a near-identical account.

It’s not just her husband who has been arrested. In 2020, when running for Congress, the Denver Post revealed Lauren herself had a history of minor arrests: on at least four occasions in the previous decade. This included alleged harassment of a neighbor (for which she was not subsequently charged) and failure to appear in court for disorderly conduct charges (later dropped).

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In My American Life, Boebert explains these incidents from her viewpoint.

Those disorderly conduct charges? Those date back to her attendance at a Summer Jam concert in 2015. She was there providing catering with her food outlet, Shooter’s Grill.

Boebert says she was searching for an employee who had not returned from a break when she saw a girl “aggressively grabbed” by police for underage drinking and ordered to sit back in her chair.

“I started yelling from about fifteen yards away and quickly made my way over. I was fired up. It bothered me seeing this young gal being treated so harshly.”

Lauren says the police told her to mind her own business, but she refused.

“They were ordering me to leave, and as they did, I brought out my smartphone and began recording them on video. I threatened to show it to the news media, and that’s when one of them threatened me with arrest if I didn’t stop,” Boebert writes.

“I had every right to be there and told him so. I felt I hadn’t done anything wrong.”

She goes on to state, “For the record, I have the utmost respect for law enforcement.” However, concerning the Country Jam incident, “I believe the deputies misbehaved.”

You can read the police report of that incident. Again, it paints a slightly different picture.

Cops say Lauren repeatedly yelled at them, and “had run into the command post area in such a manner that Sgt. Montez has to physically push her backwards.”

“Lauren continued her behavior and was advised she was being escorted off the property. Lauren said, ‘No I’m not’ and attempted to run away from our presence,” the police noted.

“Lauren said multiple times that she had friends at Fox News and that the illegal arrest would be national news.”

Lauren admits in her memoir that after being arrested for disorderly conduct, she “made the mistake of missing my court date”.

“When I later went down to settle the matter, I signed paperwork I hoped would resolve everything — this meant I’d be getting a mugshot and meeting with a deputy district attorney.”

The charges were later dropped.

In 2016, Lauren rolled her truck into a ditch and was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle.

In her memoir, Lauren recalls she was driving herself and her husband home. The incident happened while driving up a steep hill. She says her wheel hit a boulder and they ended up in a ditch.

She says the crash happened somewhere with no cellphone coverage.

That’s why she and her husband decided to walk the remaining mile back to their home before reporting it.

She was served a citation for careless driving, which she failed to respond to on time.

Later, because she failed to respond, police pulled her over when she was driving her sons to school. In a rush to get them ready, Boebert says she wasn’t looking her best at the time.

“Unfortunately, I knew from my previous experience what was coming my way … This wasn’t going to be good at all. I also knew another mugshot was in my future, and messy hair and a hoodie don’t make for a great look.”

Lauren ended up spending 100 minutes in jail before being released on bond. She pleaded guilty to the careless driving charge (the unsafe vehicle charge was dropped).

The chapter of the book in which she talks of these incidents is called ‘Pretty Little Mugshots.’

Lauren says that her brushes with the law gave her pause for thought when she was considered running to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in a primary in 2019.

“My background, upbringing, lack of formal education, and run-ins with the law were sure to make this impossible.”

Clearly, they did not prove such insurmountable hurdles. Boebert beat Tipton and was duly elected to Congress with 51.4% of the vote in 2020.

Boebert recently won her Republican Primary for the 2022 midterms, taking 64% of the vote against challenger Don Coram’s 36%.