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Lauren Boebert has no shame and this letter to Pete Buttigieg proves it

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: YouTube)

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert has spent much of the past few months attacking the Biden administration’s $1.2trillion Infrastructure bill as “garbage” and “wasteful”. She voted against it in March. Boebert is now seeking some support, through the legislation, for infrastructure projects in her home state.

Yes, that sound you hear is the noise of eyeballs rolling.

Specifically, Boebert sent a letter last week to Transportation Secretary Buttigieg requesting $33million to support the South Bridge Project in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Yes, the same Pete Buttigieg whom she mocked a few months ago when he became a dad to twins. Boebert posted a video in which she lambasted Buttigieg for taking paternity leave, joking that he was trying to learn how to “chest feed” his kids.

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In her letter, Boebert said, “Glenwood Springs will construct a new bridge connection that will provide a critical second emergency route/evacuation access between State Highway 82 and the western side of the Roaring Fork River in the City’s South Corridor.”

She says she believes the project, “aligns with the Rural Surface Transportation program’s
goals to improve and expand the surface transportation infrastructure in rural areas.”

She signed it off by saying, “I respectfully urge your full and fair consideration of this competitive grant application.”

In an email to the Durango Herald, Boebert saw no contradiction in her request for federal funding for the new bridge after slamming the Infrastructure bill. She suggested she was all for investing in infrastructure, but pointed to her own ‘America’s Infrastructure Modernization Act’ as the best solution, and not Biden’s bill.

“I am for investing in rural Colorado, but Biden’s so-called infrastructure bill was not the right way to do it,” she said. “Less than 10% of (the) $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill went to roads and bridges. The bill provides tens of billions of dollars for Solyndra style slush funds, Green New Deal policies, electric busses (sic), and government welfare.”

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Social media figure ‘Texas Paul’ shared some thoughts on the matter, which have deservedly gone viral. He asks Boebert, “Why the hell would anyone want to cut you a $33million check for anything in your district? Do your damned job before going out and trying to fundraise and making an ass out of yourself.”

Others shared his sentiment.

Glenwood Springs Mayor Jonathan Godes told Insider that he welcomed Boebert’s support for the bridge project, which the district has been trying to build for several years. The local community has managed to raise $25million and is hopeful it would therefore be able to match a $33million federal grant (a requisite for those seeking funding).