Learn Some Wicked New Pick-Up Lines In This Exclusive Scene From “First Period”

In Brandon Alexander III and Dudley Beene’s new film First Period, new girl Cassie (Alexander) and school outcast Maggie (Beene) are on an ’80s-tacular quest to rise to the top of their high school hierarchy, armed with all the best/worst retro drag your heart could desire.

In the following Queerty-exclusive scene, Cassie shows her seductive side as she does her best to coax hottie Durk (Michael Turchin) into some extracurricular activities. “Everyone gets bored at Girl Scout camp and they all run out of cookies eventually.” We’re going to have to try that one out sometime.

Dirk (Micahel Turchin) and Cassie (Brandon Alexander) Bedroom Scene from Dudley Beene on Vimeo.

Below, check out the trailer. First Period is currently available on VOD and coming to DVD on April 21st: