Lesbian Chef Wins $1.6 Million From Boss Who Forced Her To Pray Away The Gay

A New York City jury has awarded $1.2 million in punitive damages and $400,000 in compensatory damages to lesbian chef Mirella Salemi from her religious employer, reports the New York Post.

Salemi accused restaurateur Edward Globokar of forcing her to participate in prayer meetings at Mary Ann’s, a Mexican restaurant in Tribeca. Globokar was known to include all employees in these meetings, but it seems that Salemi was especially singled out since she was an out lesbian.

Said Salemi’s lawyer: “He not only threatened her soul, but he also threatened her livelihood. He thought praying might cure her of her sexuality, but she is someone who didn’t need to be saved.”

Speaking of saving, Globokar might want to start doing that now that all the gold in his papal coffers is probably cleaned out.