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Let’s Read a Time Magazine Article About Treating Homosexuality (From 46 Years Ago)

If hunting through the New York Times for the n-bomb can prove nauseating, then what might a quick trip back in time, circa 1965, through a declining newsweekly bring us? Oh, just this from Time:

One reason why homosexuals are so rarely cured is that they rarely try treatment. Too many of them actually believe that they are happy and satisfied the way they are. Another reason, says Philadelphia’s Dr. Samuel B. Hadden, is that too many psychiatrists are still inhibited by the 45-year-old pessimism of Freud, who was convinced that the condition was discouragingly difficult to treat. Even when psychiatrists do try to aid homosexuals, their efforts are likely to be ineffectual because they themselves have so little confidence of success. Both patients and doctors are wrong, Dr. Hadden told the American Group Psychotherapy Association in San Francisco last week.

Male homosexuals,* he said, are more treatable and curable than is generally believed. And the people who are the most effective therapists are other homosexuals who have been under treatment for a while. As a psychiatrist actively practicing group therapy for the treatment of neurotics and psychotics of all sorts, Dr. Hadden, 64, marshaled impressive evidence to support his case.

[…] *Dr. Hadden has never had enough female homosexual patients to form a group. “In general,” he says, “the females are far less unhappy than the men, and are under less social pressure.