Lady & The Tramp

Lindsay Lohan Starring in New Lady Gaga Video

Photo: Wikipedia/John Robert Charlton

After many futile attempts at a comeback, ending either in rehab or jail (and if she’s had her Wheaties, both), Lindsay Lohan may have finally found one that sticks thanks in part to new BFF Lady Gaga.

The pop superstar has reportedly asked the actress cum trainwreck cum actress again to star in a music video from her upcoming project, ARTPOP.

A source tells E! News, “She will be in Gaga’s video. They’ve become good friends, they talk and text all the time. Gaga really likes Lindsay and Lindsay is really happy to be able to be part of it—she has a genuine respect and admiration for Gaga and her music.”

If the reports are true, this adds another high-profile gig to Lohan’s already full plate, which includes Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons and Scary Movie 5.

Reps for LiLo and Gags are neither confirming nor denying the reports, but their budding friendship might be just what Lindsay needs to get back on track…or what Gaga doesn’t need to fall off the rails.

Either way, we just hope a remix to 2004’s under-appreciated “Rumors” comes out of this unholy alliance.

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  • asdf

    Call to be an extra in the video! Call Lindsay’s travel aid, at 888-886-3606.

  • Cam

    “”A source tells E! News, ”She will be in Gaga’s video. They’ve become good friends, they talk and text all the time.”

    The same “Source” that claimed Lohan was doing a movie with Sean Penn, that wasn’t true, or that she was being cast in other big movies that never panned out?

    The fact that being an extra in a video is career news for her tells the whole story.

  • velocifero

    Anyone who likes either of these two narcassistic PR creations has to shop at Walmart, hang velvet clown painting as art and read of the level of a third grader. By now, hasn’t the gay community gotten the message that Gaga will say and do anything for attention? Including using “controversial” washed up actresses? And Gaga’s next “record fo the decade” is going to be called “ARTPOP”. Well that was quick as “Born This Way’ can already be found at the bargain bin at my local Amoeba records…

  • TJ

    oh wait are we pretending like Gaga isn’t on cocaine… Because she definitely admitted it and there are certainly lots of reports of her drug use. Not that I personally have anything against drug use. But it’s certainly not a “hmmm wonder what those two have in common” type of situation.

  • Geri

    I am looking forward to Lindsay Lohan’s new movie: “The Canyons” Directed Paul Schrader and written by Bret Easton Ellis

    I’m also looking forward to a time when the GLBT media will show this bisexual actress some love.

  • jj

    Good for lindsay! she seems to have finally turned her life around the last few months( minus her horrible driving). A gig like this could really give her a boost with casting directors in the future.

  • Cam


    I didn’t realize one of her publicists interns was posting here.

    Hey, if this girl doesn’t care about her career why should we?

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