LISTEN: Swish Returns With DJ Keith Hoffman And Much Gay Hilarity

DJ Keith Hoffman

Dale, Steve and I are back after a week off (our first of 2011!) and we welcome Washington, DC’s  DJ Keith Hoffman to sit in with us in the new studio. Keith shares news about what’s hot on the dance floor these days and talks about the radio shows he produces. He’s a true global gay!

As usual, I monopolize a lot of the beginning of the show—this time, with tales from my seven days at sea on a straight cruise in preparation for the big gay Atlantis cruise on January 29. (Everyone needs to practice, right?)

Also up this week, we talk about Madonna‘s leaked single “Give Me All Your Love,” dissect rapper Lil B’s “I Got AIDS,” tell you why we think Jesus is not too happy with the Jersey Shore Christmas ornaments, and moan about Toronto’s gay penguins being separated.

Plus: The Fire Island fire, Dale and I get excited for our big trip to Los Angeles, and the Trevor Live fundraiser; and, duel countdowns begin for Christmas and the aforementioned Atlantis cruise.

As a side note, I’ll be blogging every day from the Atlantis cruise on Queerty’s sister site, GayCities.com. So, if you’ve never done an all-gay cruise, this might be a good way to get a taste without having to strap on your water wings.

You can listen right here
Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He and his co-host Steve hired a personal trainer to try to get bathing-suit-ready by cruise time, but they’re not making any promises.



Photo via Keith Hoffman