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Literally NO ONE is here for Ivanka Trump’s pride tweet, but we’re definitely here for the responses

The nation is in turmoil over the murder of George Floyd, Donald Trump had peaceful protestors teargassed and shot with rubber bullets so he could take a photo in front of a church he doesn’t attend, the economy is in shambles, there’s a deadly pandemic sweeping across the country, and Ivanka Trump thought now would be an excellent time to give a little shout out to LGBTQ people.

Yesterday, on the first day of pride month, the bargain-handbag-designer-turned-presidential-advisor tweeted, “Less hate, more love!” Along with five hearts–not in the appropriate LGBTQ rainbow order–and the hashtag #Pride2020.

Seriously, who is this message for?

And now, the responses…

OOF! Those were pretty brutal. Shall we stop? No? OK…