Homo Activists May Take Issue To Court

Lithuanian Mayor Bans Gay Meeting

Things aren’t looking good for Lithuania’s gays. Though they were meant to convene for an annual International Lesbian and Gay Association meeting in Vilnius. The city’s mayor, however, had other ideas and banned the conferences. Though Juozas Imbrasas claims he rejected the gays because their chosen venue didn’t meet safety codes, event organizers say otherwise.

IGLA Europe executive director Patricia Prendiville tells BBC News that Imbrasas should have – but didn’t – offer an alternative site,

It is a positive duty of the city authorities to offer an alternative venue to the applicant and they did not do that.

There is no doubt that the City of Vilnius used the construction works as a cover.

Prendiville also intimated that she and her colleagues will take Imbrasas and his “institutionalized homophobia” to Europe’s international court, which previously ruled against Poland for a similar offense.

Prenidville and her allies defied the ruling and met at a gay bar, which police later charged with smoke bombs. Ain’t that sweet?

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