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Little Big Chris Woke Up Fat. Can He Lose Weight By Subscribing to a Food Program?

When Chris first popped up on the Internet’s radar, he called himself Sprite Boy. He was a wee New York City gay webkid, who had a blog called Sprite Boy World. A blog! Not a Tumblr, or a Twitter, or a Facebook, or a ChatRoulette. But a blog! He now calls himself LittleBigChris. Or, actually, LittleBiggerChris. Because like Oprah, one day he woke up and realized he was fat.

His words, not ours. “So I’m fat,” Chris wrote yesterday. “Currently weighing in at 169 (altho sometimes my scale says 170), I’ve been gaining roughly 10lbs a year for the last 3yrs. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been, I don’t really like what I see when I look in the mirror anymore, and I certainly don’t like how I feel. My good clothes no longer fit, I have moobs you can see if I wear a T shirt, I’m snoring louder in my sleep, find myself taking an breath when I’m doing something simple like crossing my legs or tying my shoes. I’m lugging extra weight around and it’s weird, I’m only 30.”

Weight gain creeps up on many of us. And sometimes it’s just easier to ignore the obvious. But Chris isn’t letting that happen. He’s calling his effort “Project Jawline,” an attempt to reclaim that horizontal line that separates the chin from the neck. He’s at 170 pounds now. He wants to get down to around 135.

After the first step (acknowledging the situation), the second is understanding how you got here: “It’s a combination of getting older (slower metabolism), loading up on junk (snack cakes, Doritos, LOTS of soda and overly sweetened tea) when I’m feeling munchy, and also eating way too late at night — Domino’s Pizza and spaghetti aren’t supposed to be consumed at midnight before bed. I also don’t stay hydrated enough and often find myself waking up THIRSTY as hell, stumbling to the kitchen, and taking a big gulp of soda to quench my dryness. I never grew up eating balanced meals, and spent the last 12yrs on my own in NYC where it’s just cheaper to buy McDonald’s on the way home than buy groceries and make a full meal. I have no excuses, just answers — I know the reasons why I’ve been gaining weight over the last few years. It’s not cute. I want my jawline back.”

The third step is plotting strategy. Enter Medifast, the meals-by-subscription service that drops off pre-prepared foods at your doorstep, calorie counts in check. The marketers of these programs — and there are many, originally aimed at women but quickly realizing men make up a whole new customer base — want you thinking they can take the guesswork out of eating. No more worrying about carb-protein-fat ratios, trans fat, fiber, and what a “serving size” actually means. We’ve heard many success stories about these programs; we’ve also heard less impressive results. But hey, to each his own. And big props to Chris for letting this play out on YouTube (and Queerty), where onlookers can be means sons of bitches.

For Chris, who is 5-foot-4, he’s “approaching this Medifast program like a trial, an investment in my health — unlike luggage or teeth whitening, which we like to SAY is an investment in ourselves but really is just spending excessively. I’m giving myself a shot here to change what I normally do and hopefully get some results. One month and I’ll see how it goes. It’s a starting off point. My food order arrives on Monday and I’ll begin on Tuesday. Will it be worth it? Let’s see.”

We will!