Liz Smith, Friends Talk Gay

Omnisexual, real breast-preferring Liz Smith’s got our backs.

The journalist and her gal pals over at estrogen-fueled blog Wowowow today discussed gay rights in America. And, in an argument we find valid – and flawed – Smith, Candice Bergen and Lesley Stahl discuss how the States’ death row inmates can marry, but gays still face restrictions.

Here’s Smith’s titular line, “It’s just an interesting thing that gays don’t have the same rights as people on death row.”

That’s definitely interesting – and noteworthy – argument, but the gals seem to forget that prisoners in some states can’t vote, while gay people can. If anything, this pink v. prisoner comparison shows the vast flaws in America’s democratic system. But that’s just our opinion.

Smith and Stahl go on to discuss the forthcoming election and the importance of potential judicial nominees.

LESLEY: And the next justices most likely to retire are three liberals – or three on the left side – which means that the next president either gets to maintain the balance that’s there now, or gets to tip it.

LIZ: This is why it’s important to vote Democratic, even if the Democrats put up a cat for a nominee – or a dog.

Honey, we want to elect you! Or George Clooney. Or Homer Simpson. Decisions, decisions…