LOOK: Cheyenne Jackson Instagrams Photo Of Latest Boyfriend

Cheyenne Jackson has wasted no time since his recent breakup. The out entertainer has begun posting photos of himself with his latest boyfriend Jason Landau, a Los Angeles-based actor who has appeared as an extra on Will & Grace and Jackass Number Two, on his Instagram account.

In July Queerty broke the story of Jackson’s split from husband Monte Lapka and let’s not forget this solo video that allegedly depicts Jackson pleasuring himself. Next year the actor-singer will appear in the film adaptation of the play Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks opposite Gena Rowlands and in Ira Sachs’ next drama Love Is Strange.

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  • Dxley

    I’m now convinced that Cheyenne is not well. This sudden “bad boy” behavior, tattoos etc, also this just shows he never respected Monte. I hope the poor guy finds happiness. I can’t believe I used to adore Cheyenne, such a whore.

  • UWSguy

    I’m afraid this isn’t going to end well

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: I adored him too. :( I thought he was so amazing and sweet. I guess it was all an act.

  • niles

    Maybe he’s finally loosening up and enjoying life free from your opinionated statements and judgments.

  • Persa

    I do not understand gay men. Maybe lesbians just think differently about relationships but the commentary whenever Cheyenne Jackson is mentioned on gay blogs is so negative.

    He has tattoos, OH NO! Are we seriously being serious about this? Tattoos are a sign of being a “bad boy” in 2013? Homos please!

    Cheyenne Jackson seems to be the exact same person to me in interviews and on social media. Charming, funny, talented, articulate and affectionate with his friends. I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about his former relationship or his former partner.

    He was with his previous partner for 12 years. They broke up. It’s not anything to be judged for or ashamed of and it’s not the end of the world.

    Not all relationships are meant to be forever and good on him and his previous partner for recognizing that and ending amicably.

    Now he has a new boyfriend and he seems happy and wants to share it like every other living soul with a social media account.

    Why are folks always reading negative things into the life changes of strangers?

    Every celebrity has rumors flowing around them. But unless you have proof or they are a personal friend, why would you want to believe rumors and negative bs about someone you don’t know and who has done you no harm?

    He’s a single man now (that is, he’s no longer married) surely he’s allowed to date and have boyfriends.

    Or is he supposed to stay at home knitting and watching Murder She Wrote reruns forever pining for the loss of his previous relationship?

  • hephaestion

    Well, Cheyenne is still an amazingly talented man. But this photo makes me think he’s gone a tad nuts. We don’t know all of the details of his life, though, so we shouldn’t judge.

  • MikeE

    I don’t understand. an un-photoshopped image, candid and fresh, is posted.. and suddenly, he’s a whore and he’s “gone nuts”?

    I think the pic is really nice. I see nothing wrong with it.

    And I suspect that those calling him a “whore” have probably had more sexual partners in their lives than Cheyenne has. But even if he IS having multiple partners! so-f*cking-what!

    My god, there are people on this site….


  • Dxley

    Point taken. I take back the “such a whore” part and maybe you’re right. I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends so I’m in no position to judge but he’s just not the same Cheyenne I loveD and I just don’t recognize him anymore. Sure he’s still handsome, talented and obviously a virile gay man so this was bound to happen, but it’s like he’s a new guy. Just saying!

  • stanhope

    Well now you know he’s a douche. If he had any concern for his ex, he wouldn’t post pics like this so soon. That he moved on is his business to be so unfeeling is just turd behavior. It won’t last, look at the boy popping for the camera during the kiss. Payback is on it’s way.

  • Cam

    I’m not sure why people are that surprised. This is a guy who was out as a Broadway actor, who then got a part in a major Hollywood movie about 911, and on an interview about it said how upset he would be if his wife or girlfriend were in that situation. I remember my mouth hitting the floor when I saw that interview because I was so happy that an openly gay actor had been cast in the movie.

    So, he was douchy then, and kinda douchy now.

  • MikeE

    People here seem to be assuming that everything was perfect between Jackson and Lapka.

    I’ve read a few items by friends of the couple that they had already been having difficulties for a while. They’d been together 10 years already. This marriage was their attempt to reignite the flame of their relationship. And I’m sorry, but that’s not what marriage is for.

    I’m certain there’s plenty of blame to go around for why their relationship didn’t last, but come on. That’s still not a reason to rag on him, call him a slut or a douche, etc…

    He’s been NOTHING of those. We’re not talking about Calvin Klein’s rent-boy here.

    @Cam: as for the comment in the interview, if that is what he said, I see no problem with it. He made a generalization: “if his wife or girlfriend…”. Since he was already out of the closet, it wasn’t like he was denying that he was gay. I think he chose words that would be easy to relate to for the larger audience.

  • Bozen

    If Monte Lapka wants to date a 24 year old PharmD student with a nice body and good teeth


    Nothing’s more attractive than an educated fellow to me

  • Cam

    @MikeE: said..

    “as for the comment in the interview, if that is what he said, I see no problem with it. He made a generalization: “if his wife or girlfriend…”. Since he was already out of the closet, it wasn’t like he was denying that he was gay. I think he chose words that would be easy to relate to for the larger audience.


    No, he was out of the closet in the insular Broadway community. The second he was interviewed for a hollywood movie he went right back in. As far as trying to relate to the larger audience, that is ridiculous. If he had said “My sister” that doesn’t mean that people who don’t have a sibling couldn’t relate.

    It isn’t as if Jennifer Hudson got up and said “I’d like to thank my White Parents” so she could relate to the wider audience.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Could it be that he has a new CD out that he needs to be in the spotlight to promote?

  • sportsguy1983

    What a d-bag this guy is.

  • royster

    i do think he’s talented, and i have been around him a bit personally, and he’s always seemed very nice…but that SIX DANCE LESSONS (unless they have vastly improved on the play version) is pretty bad. Not sure why strong actors are attracted to it (one version, i think which played in NYC, had David Hyde Pierce and maybe Uta Hagen). Rowlands is kind of reclusive acting royalty (for film like Hagen is–was?–for theatre)…why risk her rep on barely-TV-movie material? maybe the writer is really rich and can offer truly top dollar?

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