Madonna Posts Nude Pic; Anna Wintour Unimpressed, No Word From James Franco

James Franco, you’ve been served. Madonna isn’t one to let a pretender get all the attention for long. Days after the polymathic one posted a late-night nearly-nude selfie on Instagram, Madonna posted her own self-censored near-nude pic. To be precise, it’s what she intended to wear to Monday night’s lavish Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Madge’s proposed garment was very, ahem, titillating but breast-baring bandages are so last year, according to Vogue‘s Anna Wintour. Hmm, it’s actually more stylish than what she wore in 2013.

The pop queen captioned her pic: “What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So I’m gonna work on music instead? #artforfreedom”

Nice way to plug the upcoming album, but it all begs the question of whether Franco or Gaga will be first to try to one up her Madgesty.

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  • michael mellor

    Oh, Madge, how ground-breaking of you…not.

  • Will L

    She may have spent a small fortune keeping her body trim, HOWEVER she’s still far too old to be baring it. She’s determined to become Baby Jane Hudson.

  • redcarpet

    Actually, it is very ground breaking. How many people over the age of 55 do you know of that show their bodies without shame?

    Not many if the above comments are any indication.

  • michael mellor


    Madge has always wanted attention. She’s got narcissistic personality disorder imo.

  • jckfmsincty

    Not those tired, old tits, again.

  • goingaway

    You have to love the social justice warriors that come in any time there is a post about Madge. Wow. Breasts! She’s desperate! She is old! She needs to age gracefully! As if the gay community has ever done anything traditionally. You don’t hate Madonna, you hate yourself and Madonna is your target for your self loathing.

  • Cam


    Oh God, your post is just so sad. Yes you are right, nothing that Madonna ever does reeks of desperation, self aggrandizement and plain old attention-whoredom. In fact nothing she ever does is wrong. If ANYBODY disagrees with her on ANYTHING it must be because they hate themselves because in fact, Madonna is the lord of the universe, is perfect and all must bow down and prey to her.

    I thought that the Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert Fangurls were annoying, and the Gaga little Monsters were a bit obsessive when they came on here. But gee, thank you for proving that Madonna is certainly the equal of those three when it comes to a deluded and irritating fanbase.

  • DK

    @Cam: Mmm, but Madonna Derangement Syndrome critics — especially ones prone to trotting out trite, kindergarten level logical fallacies like “sarcastic” extremes written in ALL CAPS — are proving to be more annoying than the fans or the critics of any of the gay icons.

    Wait I know the response: Oh Lord, I can’t, because ANYONE that says ANYTHING bad about Madonna AT ANY TIME will ALWAYS get defended by EVERY blah blah blah BLAH blah blah, I’m SO DONE.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Will L: Gee, who died and made you the age-appropriate police? I love it when younger people, in full arrogance mode, think that they are, somehow, the last word on what older folk can and cannot do. Her tits. If she wants to show them, her right. Whatever the reason. No one is asking you to look at them. but here you are.

    @DK: I find it terribly amusing that out of all the comments, so far, your’s is the only one containing caps. Funny, because they seem to give you s terrible case of the vapors.

  • Kieru

    Maybe I’m just jaded but is this groundbreaking? Not to me. It’s like Lady Gaga having someone vomit on her on stage or Miley Cyrus being ridiculous. It’s all done to generate media buzz so that more people hear her name in the hopes that they will buy an album or a ticket.

  • lykeitiz

    @redcarpet: How very true! I’d love to see the faces, bodies and ages of the commenters!

  • Sweet Boy

    Weird pic….her belly button is too close to her nipples

  • jake75

    @redcarpet: I agree that it is bold and groundbreaking of someone her age baring all, but she is not the first to do so. There are many more celebrities over the age of 50 who have been nude or semi nude in films. Did you not see The Calendar Girls. That was groundbreaking because not only was it women past 50 in the film, it was based on REAL women.
    Madonna doing this is simply grabbing headlines yet again. She has done incredible things for the world of music and human rights, which should not be forgotten, but when do we realize that a celebrity in our faces like this is simply clawing for attention?


    I think its fair enough. She puts these pics on her personnel IG account, her followers don’t recoil in horror and en mass unsubscribe; the wider media then disseminates it without any kind coercion, rather they are simply obeying the logic of celeb market forces and proving the realty of the continued interest in her antics. As much as I wish it were otherwise.

  • Cam


    Your response did not dispute one of my points. Thank you for agreeing with me.

  • JoeyXB

    Always the best. I think its badass that she continues to be herself. Haters are going to hate. I am always naked , so why can’t she?

  • Calin

    @goingaway: right on the spot with your comment.

  • Calin

    @Kieru: Did I miss something, where did it said it was groundbreaking? It must mean something to you since you are commenting. To me it’s just ridiculous what some people will make out of nothing, It’s just a picture. Who knows when it was taken, or maybe she’s just making fun of the fact she can’t make it to the event, so she posted the pic. By the way how did you come up with the following comment “It’s all done to generate media buzz so that more people hear her name in the hopes that they will buy an album or a ticke” what type of research did you do? I can’t recall the last time I bought an album just due to media buzz.

  • Spike

    Madge’s desperation for attention just seriously jumped the shark.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Spike: Can you not see the irony in your comment and profile pic?

  • Will L

    @OrchidIslander: Madonna is my age. I’m not a young kid.

  • DickieJohnson

    @ all the tired ole queens: Bitch & whine, bitch & whine, bitch & whine! Madonna is still fabulous, and I hope she hangs in there like Mae West did. She still looks better than most women “her age”! You GO, Madge!!!

  • toberlin

    As long she has fun I don`t care. Older people should feel sexy and have fun too.If somthing “harm” my eyes I just look away…

  • Cam


    Trust me, I totally agree. I think any older person should have a blast. The issue with MAdonna is that it isn’t about that. Every second of her day seems to be consumed with determining what will get the most attention.

    Hey, if Betty White wants to walk out in this, I would think it was great, Helen Mirim, etc… cool.

  • GlitterKidder

    We’ve moved on, it’s not 1987 anymore Madonna. Time to break out the turtle neck & mom jeans. Who do you think you are? Cher?

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