Madonna’s Famous!

A little known pop singer called Madonna got the recognition she deserves at last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Justin Timberlake presented Madge with her award, while Iggy Pop performed his own renditions of Madonna’s twee little hits, like “Burnin’ Up”. The trio also took some time to pose for these pictures, which may be the most awesome thing we’ve seen all morning.

Note how Iggy Pop flings his hair back and forth. Girl’s got moves!

John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen and some other folk were also inducted, but we know you guys down care about them!


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  • fredo777

    Iggy looks a hot mess.

    Congrats, Madonna, though. We all know she reads this blog. ; )

  • Woof

    As you sure that isn’t Fabio?

  • ChristopherM

    I love and adore her, but I have to ask what the hell kind of GD outfit is that? Bless her heart.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Wow, is that what a lifetime of drugs and booze does to you? Iggy looks fantastic!

  • AKN

    Um, speak for yourself re: not caring about Leonard Cohen being inducted into the Hall of Fame. A hearty congrats to him. (Listen to his album “Death of a Ladies Man” if you need convincing.)

  • afrolito

    I looove that transparent dress Madonna was wearing, and her speech was amazing and heartfelt.

    Having Iggy Pop perform for her was GENIUS.

    Standing next to Justin she looked like a hot couger though. Haha

    Where the hell is Guy Ritchie?


    All Hail Madonna. I love her

  • todd

    Does he ever wear a shirt? She’s from Rochester Hills, he’s from Ann Arbor. Two Detroit misfits and their boy toy!!

  • Madonna's Boy

    All HAIL the QUEEN of the Queens! This is what a TRUE DIVA, Creamy Smooth Pop Icon Goddess looks like…All these Brit, Pariah, et al. fans should take notice at a true legend!!! And “4 Minutes” is HOT HOT HOT!!! Can’t wait for “Hard Candy”!!!

  • kelly

    Madonna’s Boy IS Madonna- we all know she reads this blog…

  • Nikko

    Madonna is definitely not Rock’nRoll…she’s dance/pop. Nonetheless she totally deserves the award. And as for Justin…aww, I love that baby face.

  • Babs

    You can see where in her cheek the dermatologist shot the fillers. Big round apple.

  • Madonna's Boy

    Bow down, bitches!!!

  • Easily Amused

    I think she looks great. The hair looks great, very Lana Turner. I used to think she sounded so snarky all the time, but I liked the way she came off during her speech.

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