Maggie Gallagher’s Maine Condolence Letter Will Surely Cause You to Tear Up

Ya know what we love about YouTube? Gay feuds played out for all the world to see! Know what we hate about YouTube? When people post videos without realizing they are too close to the freakin’ camera. Hello, Maggie Gallagher!

In any event, Maggie feels your Maine pain, gays. She understands why you’re upset — you had such a lead in Maine, more money, and more support from officials. And you still f’d everything up!

(Thanks, Clark!)

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  • vernonvanderbilt

    Someone needs to just put this cunt out of our misery. Like, now would be nice.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry. People like her tend to do it unto themselves. I know karma sounds like a passive approach, but in my experience, if you absolutely scream for it, it finds you.

  • jason

    Well maybe Maggie has a point. We failed to counter the fear campaign. We failed to make good ads. And we failed to hold Democrats up to scrutiny on their positions. Maggie may look like ten day-old potato salad but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a point.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Lady Ga-Gasp

    I’m all about karma, m’dear. I just don’t see anything wrong with speeding up the process when one is able.

  • jason

    Why are you attacking Maggie? She’s simply pointing out that a liberal state voted against gay marriage, yet again.

  • vernonvanderbilt


    Don’t fucking defend her. You’re starting to sound like an apologist for bigots.

  • Jae'da

    Someone should tell her to put some of her hate money toward banning divorce and prenups. Defend “marriage,” Maggie.

  • Stone

    Don’t worry Ms. Gallagher it’s only a TEMPORARY win. The American public will do whats right. Even if it takes time. You state that ” The public” isn’t changing on its views? Years ago you would have called it a REAL victory. Not now. The fact that the vote was so close shows that. Things are changing…I only hope you and I live long enough to see fully the final change. You say that you will ” Win everywhere”. I don’t think so. In fact I know you will not. Why? Because we will not stop fighting for our rights and what we too believe in. Our own families. Our own pursuit of happiness. Our own rights.

    The fact that gay marriage is legal in five States is proof of that. To think..when you were an unwed mother….would you have(or did you) enjoy being called out in biblical rhetoric? Not waiting for the marriage that you so sanctimoniously proclaim gays are out to destroy? Who is it thats harming children? People such as yourself. Teaching biogotry and non tolerance. I’m going to enjoy seeing this fight till the end.

  • Brian (The Original)

    Courtesy of the Catholic News Agency. Go figure.

  • TommyOC

    @Jason: Both you and Maggie are wrong. A liberal state didn’t vote against gay marriage (again, or even for the first time). A liberal state voted in response to the fears they were fed as toward what would happen should gay marriage be allowed.

    Don’t forget that no vote on repealing same-sex marriage has EVER been about marriages themselves – they’ve always been about something else. Since the victor often gets to write history and get the last laugh, Mrs. Gallagher gets to repaint the vote as really being something it wasn’t all along.

    In a quiet, quiet moment of honesty, Maggie might even admit it herself.

  • hyhybt

    I have the idea that she’ll be going to jail within a year. Don’t know why, just a feeling.

  • George

    Maine is a liberal state, sure…but a liberal state with two republican Senators. It’s not like it’s the most progressive, liberal bluest of the blue. It’s not THAT surprising that it voted conservatively on this issue…especially with Maggie (and the RC Church’s) misleading fear-mongering.

  • jason

    If liberals can be swayed be a fear campaign, they’re weak. It speaks volumes of the nature of liberalism, a philosophy dominated by weak individuals. Do you seriously think all those “open-minded straights” voted for gay marriage? Think again.

  • Disgusted American

    read all the comments – but didnt want to watch the vid – the pic of her mug is enough to make me vomit.

  • Eric

    I can’t stop looking at her double chin.

  • Marcus

    How I long for the day when everyone is smart enough to be agnostic.

    Overly devoted monotheists (of varying flavors) are consistently some of the least logical people I come into contact with.

  • hyhybt

    Idiots come in all religious stripes, including agnostic/atheist. She doesn’t like us. Since she’s supposed to be a Christian of some kind, she can use a more polite, feel-good version of “God Hates Fags” as an excuse… but were she an atheist, she’d claim that the lack of anything beyond this world is precisely why non-procreative relationships need to be stamped out. Or she might just stick to the “it ain’t normal” ‘argument’ which I’ve heard from quite a lot of non-believers, with no further explanation.

  • YellowRanger

    “…They had the chance to learn from the passage of prop. 8 in California…”

    Buried deep within her many pasty folds there lies a small nugget of wisdom.

    They did have the chance to learn. They had the chance to learn that taking the moral high road, asking kindly for more rights, and playing nice and fair with bigoted, moronic heifers like Maggie DOESN’T WORK. They had the chance to learn, but they didn’t. And they lost. Let’s not make that mistake a 32nd time.

  • InExile

    Maggie’s points just underscore the fact our focus should be on the Federal government not the states. In the states as political parties change the rights we win can be taken away so it is a waste of resources.

  • jason


    So true. I’ve been misinterpreted as supporting Maggie but nothing could be further from the truth. My belief is that within our enemies are the clues to our success. We should study Maggie, learn from her, and plan our strategies accordingly.

    Portraying our community as a bunch of Rebeccas From Sunnybrook Farm is not a winning strategy, even in liberal states like California and Maine.

  • Libby

    “My belief is that within our enemies are the clues to our success.”

    How true Jason!

  • naghanenu

    Gays are too bitter..

  • FakeName

    Yes, having your rights trampled upon on a daily basis does tend to embitter one.

    Plus, you’re a douchebag.

  • naghanenu

    Fakename…y do u call me a douche..bcos I’m callin u out on ur pity me crap
    I mean its really worked so far huh?31 – 0,wow progress

  • FakeName

    Ah, so you’re an illiterate douchebag. Good to know.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Well VernonVanderbuilt, I know what you’re feeling. But just look at Carrie Precum or whatever her name is. It only took a few months. Of course, not that in this case I’m hoping for a sex tape — god no, please… no sex tape for Gaggie Gagalot!

  • tjr101

    For however vile Maggie Gallagher is you have to admit that she is very good and quite effective in winning battles. She knows how to play to people’s fears and exploit them in order to win. She nows how to rally her “troops” against same-sex marriage.

    She was spot on in most of her points… same-sex marriage advocates had the advantage going in on November 4th and it still failed by a wider margin than prop 8. Same-sex marriage will continue to lose until the younger generation gets involved.

  • Disgusted American

    I will celebrate the day that Bitch dies!

  • Grey

    @13: “Do you seriously think all those “open-minded straights” voted for gay marriage? Think again.”

    Somebody voted for gay marriage. In fact, 47% of the voters supported gay marriage. Somehow I doubt that 47% of the state is LGBT. There had to be at least a few straight people voting in favor of same sex marriage.

  • TomEM

    Good point Grey.

  • clark

    I’m happy to help. Glad you posted it. I will stay on “Maggie Watch” as long as she’s out there spewing her hate.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    So, Maggie, do you consider all of the children (of gays) unworthy of stablizing (equal) family benefits? Are they simply “collateral damage” in this puritanical war or do you believe that “the sins” of the parents shall be inherited by their children for generations upon generations? How do you justify taking benefits away from anyone? Even basic 25 percent domestic partner rights are being disputed. That’s just hatred. It’s truly sick and you will be remembered badly forever. What a legacy. Skin-heads are alive and well in Germany, so maybe in the year 2040 you’ll still have a few marginalized followers, but the majority of the world’s population is going to be shaking their heads in awe that there was someone doing this to others. I love women, but you’re becoming increasingly difficult to love. It’s wrong to discriminate. I’m ashamed of you. I wish it was another country’s citizen doing this to us, rather than a fellow American and woman. “Collateral damage” must be the way you rationalize yourself to sleep every night. You think you are so right too. I have to go back to work, so that I can pay taxes to a government that discriminates against me. Let me quit typing and choke down this Shredded Wheat before the hour’s up. I’m so glad you are not related to me. If you were my aunt or mother or sister or friend, I’d be so ashamed of you. History will hold your legacy up as the standard of gay intolerance, long after we are both dead. “Collateral damage” yes?

  • patrick

    Have you ever looked up the list of countries that support gay marriage and the countries that are opposed to it. In favor; Mexico, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Argentinia, Portugal, Britain & Canada. Those opposed to equality; Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Eygpt, Gaza. Iran. Iraq. Syria. Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syyria, Saudi-Arabia, Namibia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Sudan, Uganda, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Why are we on the wrong side of this. All the anti-equality counrties are controlled by either religious fundies, dictators, or both, and have a vastly under educated populace. Three three key points to the conservative movement. China and Russia will probably have gay marriage before we do.

  • Charles

    I have no desire to watch this bitch’s video, but I do find it curious that I’ve never seen her husband at any of these anti-gay marriage rallies. I think her marriage is so horrible that she can’t stand to see other people happy and this is her only outlet. I’ll bet money her husband hates her and that she’ll be getting divorced in the near future. She always looks so miserable her only joy comes at the expense of denying gay people their rights.

  • Britt

    The fact is the states that have gay marriage through judicial fiat (their theory) still have not cared about the sanctity of marriage enough to pass constitutional amendments banning it. This notion that somehow Americans care as much as she does is absurd. MA has has gay marriage for over five years and MA residents haven’t bothered going to the ballot box to pass referendums or amend the MA constitution to ban gay marriage.

    She’s just a liar…just like the rest. If it weren’t for HER organization’s proactive efforts in Maine to get people to care using lies and fear, it’s likely people would have gone about their business and let gays marry one another.

  • Quake

    Its women like her who keep men in the closet, and then women turn around and blame men for bringing HIV and all other dieseases to the bedroom.

    Marriage is a personal experience, no one has to recognize it but the couple who share that bond. So this whole argument of marriage is just stupid and pointless. People should marry whom ever they love, and have ceremonys to embrass their love, and honor it. Governments don’t rule over love. Nor does and God or religion.

  • Robert, NYC

    Its not a question of liberal states, in fact there really are none. Once you live New York City where I live for instance, there are just as many rednecks and right wing religious wackos living here, ditto for Massachusetts or anywhere. Its a little easier getting marriage equality passed in states that don’t have initiative or ballots put to the popular vote such as New York. Maine unfortunately wasn’t one of those states, ditto California.

    The problem with our movement is we don’t have very good organizational skills, far too politically correct unlike Gallagher’s ads and lets face it, they by far outnumber us with literally battalions of enthusiastic, determined supporters and an endless supply of money, some of it donated by wealthy religious cults, mormons, romans etc. We don’t have any of that.

  • Robert, NYC

    Once you “leave” NYC I meant to have said in my previous post.

  • Doug

    At one point the outcome will come out differently and the tide will come for equality.

  • Attmay

    @13 Jason: “It speaks volumes of the nature of liberalism, a philosophy dominated by weak individuals.”

    What calls itself “liberalism” in this country is anything but. It is socialism that co-opted the name of a proud tradition of free-thinking, suspicion of government power, and support for individual rights and liberties (i.e. classical liberalism) to con people into supporting it. The word has not been tainted by association in other countries.

    If you support government run health care and taxing the rich, don’t be afraid to call yourself a socialist. Just stop taking up the mantle of liberalism

    But back to the topic at hand. If she chokes on a turkey leg this Thanksgiving (or trying to engorge the whole thing in one bite) I’ll be dancing in the street.

  • Britt


    Apparently her husband is Hindu. His name is Raman Srivastav. Prior to being married to Raman, Maggie was an unwed mother (go figure), even though she is an outspoken critic of single mothers raising children.

    The Bilerico Project has covered the absence of her husband at events. They have an interesting take on that.

  • clark

    It would be great if everyone could go to the YouTube site and bombard it with comments. Several already have. Join the conversation:

  • janet reno

    Wow, totally looks like Ms. Swan.


    She is one bitter lonely cunt. I hope she dies alone soon with Sarah Lee cake crumbs in her bed.

  • mark

    The verb “to Maggie”

    to make a sad little qweef no one is around to hear

  • mark

    Maggie doesn’t make men queer.
    She does make queers very happy we don’t have sex with her species.

  • me

    we f’d up? how did we f up? old people just have nothing better to do than to go to the polls. not to mention that they feel more passionately AGAINST gayness than anyone from the younger generations who tolerates it feels passionately FOR it. it’s an uphill battle. with time that hill will get smaller.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

    “We lost because we told ourselves we lost.”

    (Leo Tolstoy)

  • Steve

    Don’t be too hard on Maggie. She actually believes the hateful nonsense that she spews, just like the leaders of the KKK as recently as 50 years ago, actually believed that black people were inherently evil.

    I have noticed that Maggie always appears alone, without her husband. I suspect Maggies’s husband might be gay, and they are staying married only because they believe divorce is forbidden. She is bitter and angry about it, and thinks that some anonymous “gay people” have ruined her marriage. That anger fuels her hateful self-righteousness, and gives her the energy to continue her campaign.

    We should pray for her. Pray that she repents of her evil ways. Pray that her own marriage situation is resolved — either by reconciliation or by divorce. Or, just pray that she has a heart attack or a stroke. There are a lot of things that could stop her campaign of hate.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Her words live on, even after her shell ceases to exist; that’s the power of words. Don’t pray for strokes or heart attacks, that’s risky behavior and weak. Do battle with words.

  • Jerrold

    I’m not praying she dies, that’s the easy way out. I’m praying her husband leaves her for a man and/or a sex tape of her with a woman surfaces, shaming her eternally.

    As a side note – has anyone noticed that everytime we lose a battle Maggie gets fatter? Maybe it’s because there are no gays to share the victory cake with her. Eat on, Maggie, eat on.

  • BradK

  • hyhybt

    “She does make queers very happy we don’t have sex with her species.”
    She doesn’t make me happy in any way at all.

  • Republican

    Maggie is a despicable human being.

  • Quake

    We lost by a small scale, the young generation is getting it. The old people can die off. Bye Bye Phelps, Pat robertson, and Maggie. If people like this are in heavan? I’d rather kick it with satan in hell.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Jerrold, I’ve noticed her weight gain and how totally unhealthy she looks too. Perhaps a steady diet of bigotry, oppression, and hatred is making itself physically apparent on her frame. She doesn’t look happy either. I see a heavy spirit and a depressed demeanor. I hope, for her own health, that she goes back home. I suspect that there is a financial motive to her staying on, although she would most likely heartily protest, to a degree that makes one believe that, yes, a financial motive did exist. Nurses are good at seeing disease, even if they aren’t of a physical nature. The same was true with that prejean gal, pegged long ago as untrue. I really do think that it is unsavory for our gay community to wish harm and disease and death on anyone, no matter how much harm they bring to us. That says more about us than them. Having worked through the AIDS crisis of the eighties, I just can’t bring myself to wish suffering on anyone. Now, in cancer, the thought of praying for bad things on people is just plain asking for it. People will be their own undoing, without any input from us. Either one is true blue or not. The cosmos has a way of evening the score.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    On the bookshelf, behind Maggie’s head, is that a copy of, “Rubyfruit Jungle”?

  • mark

    a sunt is a sunt is a sunt

  • Jarrod

    What goes around comes around. Maggie will get hers one day just like Anita Bryant did in the 1970s.
    It wont surprise me if she ends up with a gay child or grandchild. Life has a way of making you pay tenfold

  • Clark

    The Catholic News Agency just deleted all comments on this video on YouTube and they disabled the comment function.

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