Major League Baseball Adds Protections For Nonexistent Gay Players

Listen up, fans! Major League Baseball has added “sexual orientation” to the discrimination protections listed in their new Collective Bargaining Agreement, offering some legal protections should a player ever decide to come out. But as you probably know, there are no openly gay players in MLB, even despite multiple teams making “It Gets Better” videos.

Which closeted player will be the first to step up to the plate?

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  • Mike in Asheville

    I don’t get it queerty/Daniel: you are complaining that Major League Baseball is prepared to deal with a player who, at some time in the future, would come out?

    There are 40 players for each team roster (25 active roster narrows to 24 mid season, plus those in active/injured) and there are 30 teams = 1200 MLB players. At 2% to 5%, there are 24 to 54 gay players now in the closet.

    With the growing movement for professional athletes and entertainers coming out publicly, I congratulate and thank MLB for getting ahead on this front.

    Maybe this will relieve some pressure on those in the closet to come out. I sure hope so.

  • Henry

    It would be nice to see the full text of the agreement. So much is left out of newspapers, especially dailies.

  • Gorbeh

    My dad played college football and there was actually discussion of him being drafted to the NFL before he got sent to Vietnam. He has told me several times that every team always has at least one gay player, it’s just a fact of the sports world. Whether or not they’re out to their friends/family or their teammates is another thing. In his case everyone he knew about he found out long after he was done with football. Other people he’s talked to have also reached the same conclusion and imo it statistically makes sense. I think if one person per team were to come out it would shock the sports world and show how many of us there are.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    How dare they, bitches! AND making It Gets Better Videos? GRRRRRR Everybody knows that homophobia is the singular pervue of LGBT. Oh, and Hollywood pop stars. And there’s no such thing as gay sports bars either.

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