Mama Mourns Gay Son In Court

Some wounds never heal. Leonor Garzon lost her son, 35-year old Edgar, back in August 2001 after someone beat him to death, but the pain’s just as fresh. The 70-year old woman “wept” in court yesterday as she testified against the alleged killer, 39-year old John McGhee.

[Garzon] told jurors in Queens Supreme Court that her son was beaten so badly that he looked like a “monster” when she saw him at the hospital after the August 2001 attack.

“I did not recognize my son,” [she] told jurors. “His face had no shape. He was all purple and blue. What I saw was monstrous. I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid to kiss him.”

Beaten into a coma, the 35-year-old victim died a few days later.

Prosecutor Karen Ross claims McGee reacted violently after Garzon flirted with him: “[McGhee] did this because Mr. Garzon was a gay man and he made the mistake of hitting on this defendant.”

McGhee’s lawyer says there’s no DNA evidence, nor a weapon, to prove that McGhee killed Garzon.