Man Claims Propecia Made His Weenie Shrink Then Drove Him To Insanity

Male pattern baldness. It’s nobody’s friend.

When Paul Innes (pictured) noticed his hairline receding a few years ago, he decided action must be taken.

“I became paranoid about my appearance, so I went to my family doctor and expressed my concerns,” he said in an interview with ITV’s This Morning in the U.K.

Innes’ doctor recommended he try Propecia, the magical over-the-counter pill that claims to reverse male baldness by stopping testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone, which is believed to be the active hormone in hair loss.

Within about six weeks of starting the drug, Innes claims he began experiencing “strange thoughts.”

“I started to feel quite withdrawn from my usual social activities such as playing football, watching my local team play, going out with friends,” he explained. “I tended to spend more time indoors and I just felt low in mood generally.”

Then be broke up with his girlfriend. He blames the split on the insecurity he felt about his hair (or lack there of).

With a broken heart and no friends left, Innes quit taking the drug. In early 2013, he said, “I started to pay attention to my hair loss again and that’s when I decided to go back on the Propecia.”

He would soon live to regret this decision.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.11.23 PMWithin weeks of starting back up on the drug, Innes said his penis changed form then stopped working.

“My penis is totally different in size and girth!” he said. “It’s much shorter and thinner. It now functions about 10 percent of the time with Viagra.”

Innes claims every time he tried having sex with his new girlfriend, Hayley, “my head said ‘yes’ but down there I felt nothing.”

“I felt like a failure,” he confessed, “like less of a man because I couldn’t seem to make love to my own girlfriend.”

Innes said that between the hair loss and his penis problems, he experienced a tremendous “whirlwind of mixed emotions,” which ultimately resulted in him checking into a mental hospital for a few months.

“A crisis team was called to my home and they decided it was a good idea to go into a psychiatric unit voluntarily,” Innes said, “which I felt I needed because I couldn’t keep myself safe.”

He continued: “I couldn’t function. I couldn’t look after myself. I just didn’t know why I was feeling so… abnormal.”

Today, Innes claims he’s almost better, though he admits he still has some soul work to do. And despite his impotence problems, he and Hayley, who broke up two months ago, recently discovered she was pregnant.

“We still love each other and we’re having a baby together,” Innes said. “But at the moment, I just need to focus on getting my head around what’s happened.”