Man Wed In Empire State Building’s First Gay Wedding Jumps In Front Of Subway Train

fung-kleinShawn Klein was in critical condition Tuesday after jumping in front of a subway train, just hours after making bail on child-pornography charges.

Klein was among the first gay couples to marry atop the Empire State Building in February.

The 52-year-old jumped in front of an uptown train at 3:20 pm and was taken to New York Presbyterian where he works as an hospital administrator. He was charged Monday with one count of possessing a recording of a sexual performance by a child, the New York Daily News reports, stemming from a November 27 incident.

He underwent surgery Tuesday night, a relative told NYDN. “The doctors lost him once on the table and they brought him back,” said Klein’s sister, Eileen Blanchard. “That’s all I know. We’re just waiting.”

Blanchard said she had no knowledge of an arrest.

Shawn Klein married his longtime partner, Phil Fung on Valentine’s Day this year after winning the Empire State Building’s annual V-Day contest. They, along with Alaskans Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur, were the first same-sex couples to marry atop the New York landmark.

“It was love at first sight,” Fung said at the time. “We have been talking about getting married now that gay marriage was passed in New York state, and friends of ours told us about the contest.”

According to Blanchard, Fung and a friend were keeping vigil at the hospital.