Man Pulls Down Pants, Exposes Butt, And Calls Officer “Gay” While Being Arrested

dpIt was just a regular Wednesday afternoon in the quiet suburb of Finglas, Ireland. Officer Stephen Walsh was making his regular patrol when all of a sudden 32-year-old Douglas Purcell (pictured) stampeded out of his house screaming obscenities at the unsuspecting police man.

“Suck my prick!” Purcell yelled, enraged.

Then he dropped his trousers and began smacking his bare ass in front of Walsh.

When Walsh told Purcell to get a hold of himself, the father of three replied: “I’ll get you on your own and I’ll kill you!” Then he called Walsh “gay.”

Walsh arrested Purcell. As he was being handcuffed, Purcell amended his previous comment to say that Walsh and all of his co-workers, every single one of them, were gay.

After being taken to the police station, he was placed in a cell where he stripped completely naked and threw his clothes at the guards.

On Friday, Purcell pled guilty in Blanchardstown District Court to charges of disorderly conduct and failing to follow directions of police. The motive for his actions remain unclear. Judge David McHugh delayed sentencing for three weeks to allow Purcell an opportunity to “get his affairs in order.”

As one blogger commented, “If anyone is gay, I suspect it’s the dude with the penchant for flashing his buttocks at other guys.”