Man robbed, injected with meth and forced to go on $4,000 shopping spree by two guys he met on Grindr

This is absolutely terrifying.

A Memphis man says he was violently attacked, injected with meth, and robbed at knife and gunpoint by two guys he met on Grindr.

The attack happened last Thursday. The man met his assailants on Grindr. After inviting him and another fellow over to his apartment, things quickly went awry.

WREG3-TV reports:

The victim told police the first man emerged from the bathroom with a gun and told the victim, “Get on your knees and beg for your life!” He also reportedly told the victim, “I’m gonna kill you” and “It’s our job to take out f*cks like you!”

He then allegedly told the victim he would instead “slit his throat” because it would be “quieter for the neighbors.”

Sounds horrifying!

But it doesn’t stop there.

The victim told police that his assailants forced him to hand over all his valuables, including two TVs, a laptop, and a watch. Then they forcefully injected him with meth, causing him to fade in and out of consciousness.

After getting him high, the assailants took the man to a nearby department store where they made him buy them almost $4,000 in designer clothing. After finishing the shopping spree, they allegedly dumped the man on the side of the road and took off in his Cadillac ATS.

Oh, but the nightmare continues.

The suspects took the keys to the man’s apartment and allegedly returned several more times over the couple of days to steal more of his belongings. Police believe at least one of them might be connected to another robbery.

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