Lock him up

Man who shot transgender woman admits to using homophobic slurs before opening fire

And in news from the ghastly files…

Dallas resident Domingo Ramirez-Cavente, 29, has admitted to using homophobic slurs before shooting a transgender woman in the chest while she stood at a bus stop.

Police arrested Ramirez-Cavente after an incident last Saturday night. Local surveillance cameras caught him pulling his truck up in front of the victim before opening fire, shooting her multiple times. Now Ramirez-Cavente has admitted that he also shouted homophobic slurs at the woman, as well as made derogatory remarks about her gender prior to the shooting.

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CBS reports: “Ramirez-Cavente began ‘speaking derogatorily of gay and transgender people’ so the 35-year-old victim walked away. Because of the encounter, the victim left the area and went to a nearby bus stop to wait on the bus. Police say Ramirez-Cavente admitted that it was then that he drove his truck over next to the victim, pulled out a handgun and fired several shots. The victim was hit multiple times in the chest and arm and had to undergo surgery. Authorities say the woman’s injuries prevented her from speaking with them until Sunday.”

Police have charged Ramirez-Cavente with aggravated assault, but have yet to declare the shooting a hate crime.