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Why are so many tops afraid of their own bottoms?

Despite numerous reports confirming that more and more men across the sexuality spectrum are embracing anal stimulation, there are still many who don’t want anything near their backends. Now, a riveting investigative report by the Guyliner at GQ tries to figure out why.

“It’s not exactly a secret that a man’s G-spot–the prostate gland–is up his butt,” the Guyliner writes, “so why do many guys hold back from exploring it?”

To get to the bottom of this (pun intended!), the Guyliner asked several men, both gay, straight, and bisexual, what it is about having their butts touched that they’re so afraid of.

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Let’s take a look at what they had to say…

George, 28 and heterosexual, says:

I think a slap is as kinky as I get with my ass. I don’t like anything up there, it doesn’t feel right. Whenever we’ve got close to anything like that or I’ve felt something in that area I have felt uncomfortable. It hasn’t been painful, it’s just–a feeling.

Mark, 32 and also heterosexual, explains:

It’s gay, isn’t it? Doing up the bum is what gay men do and a lot of straight men don’t want people to think they’re gay. If I’m honest I think a lot of men know they would enjoy it. And there’s a worry you might like it.

God forbid!

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Dennis, gay and a “confirmed top”, says:

I won’t take it. Nothing. I don’t like it. I’m not saying that all bottoms are effeminate or anything but I like to feel masculine and in control. It’s uncomfortable getting into position and it can be degrading. It’s not what I’m into at all.

Toby, 30 and bisexual, offers a different take:

It is a very intimate experience, with a man or a woman. There is a lot of trust involved as it can be taboo to talk about outside a relationship, but as long as to respect each other, it’s fine. … I think if more men knew how f*cking explosive your orgasm could be if you stimulated your prostate at the same time, they’d all be doing it.

Spoken like a man who truly gets it!

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