Margaret Cho: Heterosexuality Is Ruining Women Comics

I think the comedy community is not supportive to women in comedy. It’s just not a supportive environment. It’s interesting; a lot of women who are successful in comedy are lesbians. Or they have a fluid kind of gender identity, like I do. I am very fluid in that capacity. [Cho has had relationships with both men and women. She is currently married to a man.] But you can’t really be a successful female comic if you give a s**t what guys think at all. So a lot of heterosexual women end up dropping out because they just care too much about what guys think. I think that’s why there’s always lesbians who take over because they don’t care. It’s just an element to their personalities that helps them get by. That’s the closet explanation I can see. The women comedians that are out there generally are gay. The community itself is not supportive to women and so you don’t have it on the inside and you don’t have any kind of building or a connection; it’s just hard.

—Margaret Cho, who’s out promoting her summer comedy album Cho Dependent, on why lesbians have a better shot at making it in the biz [via]