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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s new boyfriend calls Brittney Griner a man

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene split from her husband and announced their divorce last year. She has now begun a relationship with right-wing journalist and producer Brian Glenn [pictured with her above] of the Right Side Broadcasting Network. Greene confirmed the relationship during a podcast episode last month.

Given Glenn’s media work, he and Greene sound like two peas in a pod. However, if anyone was in any doubt, a tweet he posted yesterday, mocking basketball icon Brittney Griner, made it clear.

“Good Morning to all the men this morning except to #BrittneyGriner (He/Him),” Glenn tweeted. “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a man is now the face of a women’s professional basketball league. #WNBA”

Griner, who is a gay cis-woman, was detained for ten months last year in Russia for carrying a cannabis vape cartridge in her luggage. She was released as part of a prisoner swap negotiated between Russian and US authorities.

Last Friday, Griner made her return to the WNBA for the first time since her detainment. Her team, Phoenix Mercury, played LA Sparks.

Online, many made the same point in response to Glenn’s tweet.

Brian Glenn dons drag

Glenn also made waves on Twitter over the weekend when an old video of him in drag resurfaced.

Greene has made clear her views on gender identity and has slammed the notion of trans rights. She has also spoken out against drag queens.

Yesterday, she shrugged off the video of her boyfriend in drag, saying it was years ago for a news show he worked on. Therefore, it was clearly OK.

“I’m literally lol’ing,” Greene tweeted. “@brianglenntv dressed in drag for morning news in Dallas years ago reporting on an upcoming local theatre production and the morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack. Brian loves the throwback and is reposting. 😂The left is so stupid.”

Again, her hypocrisy prompted plenty of comments.

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