Mark Foley Musical Masterpiece!


We don’t like murder. It’s an injustice of morality and makes us sad. Thus, we weren’t feeling so hot after that John Canora story (one-down, honey). For a bit of a boost, we surfed on over to our foolish friends over Best Week Ever, because they have a post about comedic musical duo, Stuckey and Murray‘s new music video, “Mark Foley, Holy Moley”.

We’d love to post the video, but we can’t do everything for you lazy butts (plus they haven’t the code yet). We can say, however, that it involves a singing, guitar-strumming Mark Foley and teenage page, loads of booze and insanely obvious (yet just as funny) rhymes. Plus, quotes from his infamous im conversations. What could be better?

In honor of the pretend Mark Foley’s new career as musical performer, we’ve reposted the just as infamous (okay, not really…but it should be) picture of the real Mark Foley with Kelly Clarkson. If you don’t remember what we said, click here for a blast from the sarcastic past!