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‘Marriage Is So Gay’ Tees Not Appropriate For Colorado High Shoolers

Another gay t-shirt in school, another uproar. Let’s zoom in on Colorado’s Kate Cohn, a straight senior whose “Marriage is so gay” tee has administrators furious.

[flv:http://flash.video.worldnow.com/kktv/KKTV_20101104010135507C.mp4 https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs-null/2010/11/marriagesoagy3891.jpg 650 400]

“Our district does have a dress code policy, all the students are aware of it,” says District 49 spokesperson Stephanie Meredith. “If it’s obscene, lewd, or anything that might be disruptive to the educational environment,” administrators can request students get rid of the clothing.

She’s right! The clothing must be disruptive. But wearing a shirt that says “Marriage is so gay” does not automatically cause students at Falcon High School to lose their shit. We learned that from Sommer Collins, Cole Gofort, and Ali Lai, whose fashion choices were only made controversial by whiny administrators, not students making a positive statement. [KKTV]