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This married gay couple wanted to spice things up… so they became a bisexual thruple

Chris and Matt had been together for eight years when they decided to it was time spice things up. So they did what any monogamous gay couple does… they invited a woman named Cait into their bedroom. Now, they’re a bisexual thruple and, they say, they couldn’t be happier!

“Before I met Matthew I had dated quite a few girls and quite a few guys,” Chris tells Metro. “The three of us started to spend more and more time together and after about seven or eight months she was staying over five nights a week.”

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It took a bit of time getting used to things, especially when it came to sleeping arrangements.

“Matthew and I used to sleep on opposite sides and then Cait came long,” Chris explains. “If I wanted to stay on the same side Cait would have to be in the middle and we found quickly she didn’t like that.”

There were also some jealousy issues. At first, Cait “couldn’t stand” Chris spending time alone with Matt, and Matt said it took him time to fully accept that Chris loves both of them equally.

But eventually they were able to figure it out. Now, things are great.

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“I had never been with two people at the same time before,” Cait says. “It’s different strokes for different folks but I would say it’s a pretty fun sex life.”

Today, Matt says he identifies as homoflexible, while Chris and Cait both say they’re bisexual.


“I like guys and I’m open, flexible to women,” Matt explains. “I prefer men. ‘I guess I had an awakening after I had a sexual experience with a women. It is just another body, another soul, a connection that I can have.”

The thruple recently celebrated their union by getting matching tattoos to indicate their bond is “for life.”

h/t: Metro


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  • Paco

    Poor guy has to pretend to be ok with sharing his husband with a woman to save his marriage because he just wasn’t enough for his bisexual husband.

    • Frank


    • Daniel-Reader

      Exactly… it’s like the SNL skit “Lowered Expectations”

    • Will L

      Yeah. It doesn’t matter if the third one is male or female, this is so sad.

    • victor419

      Agreed. I feel bad for the gay guy whose husband I believe has decided he wants a straight relationship or just is denying his identity. My advice is: Run, run as fast as you can.


    Her magic püssy has the cure! We’re saved boys!

    • Hussain-TheCanadian


      I don’t think I even understand what’s the point of posting this article?


    R. I. P. our fallen brother Chris

    Rest in püssy


      Oops I meant Matt. I’m almost as as confused as him LOL

  • Jack Meoff

    Well this is clearly doomed. Clever girl has managed to upgrade herself from fag hag to live in girlfriend. I can see Matt being the one to get the raw deal in this scenario. Cait will usurp him and have him out the door in no time. Let the countdown begin.

    • alfred

      If the story is true (and there is enough anecdotal evidence that it isnt), then I would agree with you. Why would a lady enter into a 3 way relationship with a ‘bi’ guy and a gay one? Surely if thats what you want, why not 2 guys that are bi? It seems like she wants chris for herself. But again, im not too sure how ‘true’ many of the ‘facts’ pertaining to this story are…..

    • DarkZephyr

      Meh, I think Chris is too selfish to send Matt packing. He wants his cake AND to be able to eat it too. He doesn’t want JUST Matt but he also doesn’t want JUST Cait. Matt may choose to walk out on his own, if he wises up, but Chris will replace him with another guy.

  • Danny595

    Look everyone, another Graham Gremore piece promoting infidelity and non-monogamy! Shocking. I wonder what happened to Gremore in his childhood to make him like he is.

    Also, as in all Gremore pieces, there’s misreporting. Neither man was or is “gay.” They are both bisexual, one more than the other.

    • Stache

      Look everyone, another response from the blessed virgin Dannygirl attacking someone not monogamous enough for her high standards.

      Btw. No where did it say they were promiscuous dipshit. They seem pretty monogamous to me.

    • Stache

      Keep it up though. You have to be the most hated trolls in the history of Queerty trolls. You even make Jaxton jealous. Maybe they’ll give you an award for it one day.

    • cloggedchakra

      Danny you have nice values dont listen what Stache says, he has a lot of work to do to rise his spiritual energy above sacral chakra which is wasting all of it. Saying that they are monogamous is a bit retarted to say.

    • DarkZephyr

      Stache…its not possible to be “monogamous” with two or more people. “Mono” means *one*. These people are in a polygamous relationship, not a monogamous one.

  • chris33133

    I’ve met quite a few men who went from monogamy to threesomes.

    For many, the partner who agreed to the idea often became the odd man out who then left or got kicked out. This happened before gay marriage and I can’t count the number of times the odd man out was left with nothing to show for his financial investment in the relationship.

    Yet other times, the threesome is still going strong. So I just hope this complex arrangement can be made to work for them.

  • Zenzuva

    Sad, damaged people in a non-story from a sad, damaged writer.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    This is just sad. Not sure who is manipulating whom, the woman or the bisexual man? But it seems obvious that the other guy is getting the shit end of the stick.

    But once again, we get another anti-monogamy post from a certain someone.

    • DarkZephyr

      One of the times I lean more toward agreeing with you. While I don’t judge those who want relationships like this, THIS particular one doesn’t sound very balanced. I feel extremely sorry for Matt. Matt and Cait aren’t in love with each other. I bet that deep down they can barely tolerate one another. In the photo Chris has both of his hands on Cait. He isn’t even touching Matt. If I were to pick one of them as the manipulator, I would have to say its mainly Chris, although it sounds like Cait finds ways to get her way too. Matt’s name should be changed to Door Matt.

  • Stache

    It sounds a bit complicated but good on them if they can make it work. I think it would be interesting and I’ve met a few threesome couples.

  • cloggedchakra

    Modesty is an essential ingredient for a happy life and calm spirit. Being single is the least entropic state, mongamous relationship rises entropy, throuple, quadruple, . . . houndruple relationships far more. If you want to achieve bliss and feel closer to GOD you need to live in the least entropic environment. It is also possible in monogomous relationships following certain rules. Everything else is greed and you want more, more and it never stops, which brings restlessness and drives you away from inner peace.
    However little Matt is sooner or later going to be kicked out. Not only that Chris is going to look for another man. There will be plenty of karmic debt to repay.

  • Jaxton

    It’s an arrangement, not a romantic relationship. True romantic relationships can only exist between two people.

  • dash_board1

    This article is odd. It seems to want to suggest that these men went from being gay to having an interest in women. But, as others have pointed out, neither of these men is gay, they are bisexual.

    I do think there should be a change to terms like ‘gay marriage’ or ‘gay relationship’ to ‘same-sex marriage’ and ‘same-sex relationship’ to account for the fact that some of the people in these arrangements are not homosexual.

    • Brian

      Where have you been? People have been saying *same sex marriage* for many years now, much more than *gay marriage”.

    • Donston

      If it’s two same gender people are in a couple then it’s inherently “gay”, just as two people of the opposite cis gender is considered a “heterosexual relationship” no matter the orientation of the parties. But yes, saying “same-sex” relationship and marriage has been a thing for quite a few years now.

  • Donston

    This type of situation can only for all three parties if there’s passion, desire and romantic feelings between all three, and that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Otherwise, it’s just sister-wives. So, likely, either the entire thing will fall apart or someone will eventually depart. That is, unless Chris has legit money.

    A lot of gay and gay-leaning men need women in their lives to some romantic and/or sexual capacity. It gives them meaning and purpose and a calm ego that they can’t find with another man, and it makes it easier to tap into their emotions, especially if there’s some residual internalized homophobia there. I already went through that stage. Now, I’m over it. Ultimately, Matt does indeed seem to be the odd one out. Chris seems like he needs the comfort of a woman and some hetero dynamics to be comfortable within himself, and Cait seems to be really into effeminate men and will allow Chris to have side flings and boyfriends forever. Matt appears to just be there for right now.

    Like most of these types of situations, this comes off less like a “thruple” and more like two co-dependents worshiping a megalomaniac.

    • alfred

      Perhaps. Chris does come accross like an egotist. But after some digging, I now cant tell where the real story begins and the fake one starts. It is heavily embellished at the least, if not outright fraudulent.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Are these dudes Mormons? Sounds to me like a simple variation of Sister Wives.

  • alfred

    This is heavily made-up BS. Matt is a failed actor (no idea about the other 2) Here is his lame youtube channel I smell a big rat. I would guess its them trying to get a reality show maybe or just to get a bit of fame. LAME STORY

  • alfred

    I wrote a big response to this, but after doing more research…it appears this isnt what it seems. I thought how could matt be happy in this relationship? whereby even if you are open to an open relationship (and indeed to your partner wanting someone of a different gender); your partner of 6 plus years tells you he loves someone else that he has known for less than 2 the same as you… that would be ok? Doesnt seem right. Digging deeper it does appear they have a ‘menage-trois’ of some sort, but more of a gay couple and fag-hag type. The notion that all three have this equal sexual and romantic relationship doesn’t hold water. This has been shifted to be sensationalist, and to get publicity for them; matt especially as he is wanting to be an actor.

    • Knight

      Dude, I get what you’re saying but…why care so much? Geeze…let it be and focus on your own life. Just friendly advice here, OK?

  • Donston

    Much of what each of them said was full of cliches, which is often a sign of insincerity. So, it could be made-up, attention-whoring nonsense. Or it could just be that those types of people are more likely to enter into these types of “relationships”. Whichever one, it’s whatever.

  • Knight

    Not sure why so many guys here are assuming there is “manipulation” going on here. Regardless of how casual this may turn out to be (tattoos notwithstanding) it obviously was important enough for all of them to “come out of the closet” on this. As a bi man, I’ve never gotten to the point of being able to “share” any woman I’ve been with, as I’m a pretty ultra-jealous guy. But some of the most amazing sexual experiences I’ve had in my life have involved other guys who were OK with doing just that. So, if these people are happy and can make this work, more power to them.

    • alfred

      But that is exactly the point, they dont ALL seem to be that happy. Other news sites have covered this story with more quotes from them and it really does not seem like they are all on the same page. Depending on the site it comes accross as though it is more that Chris is in a relationship with the two somewhat individually (although they all live together), rather than an actual ‘throuple’, others show it more as essentially a gay couple who have a live-in ‘fag-hag’. Other quotes show that matt and cait are bitter about sharing chris. So hard to know what to believe. Again, they maybe felt it strong enough to need to ‘come out of the closet’, or it is just a famewhore move. Matt seems pretty desperate to have an entertainment career after googling him; and it hasnt happend so far, lmao. Also as I have already said on another comment, gender aside, who would be all that thrilled about a long term partner quickly ‘loving’ another person EQUALLY so quickly while in a relationship with you? That surely has to mess with you. So not too sure how ‘happy’ this relationship (if it is at all actually like it is depicted) is, or will be in the future

    • BigWill

      Ah, the return of the “biracial bisexual.” Been a while since you dragged that one out, Mo.

    • Knight

      Alfred well, you’ve clearly done a lot more leg-work on this story than I have. I just took the article at face value here. But as an FYI I can think of several reasons a long term partner would allow, if not be happy about his partner falling in love with a woman and bringing her into their relationship…chiefly among them because of biology. It may be that both had a desire to have children, and just as two bottoms don’t make a top, two guys can’t produce a biological child either. Anyway, like you say, they could be attention whores. But I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here since I don’t have your energy and desire to dig further on this.

    • DarkZephyr

      Nobody is “assuming” it, many of us are reading between the lines.

  • inbama

    Such negativity.
    Y’all will have to eat a lot of crow next year when they reveal they’ve added a transracial Gender Fluid to spice things up!

    • Knight

      LOL!!! And extra points if he/she has an incurable disease or learning disability…

  • DCguy

    Right on schedule, every few years Queerty runs a “Throuple” story, pretending they’ve discovered something new. Always the same, the group claims they found a new kind of love, and everybody else is just hung up or old fashioned. Then of course you never hear about them again because if you check back a few years later they’ve broken up.

    I think the line that said it all was ” At first, Cait “couldn’t stand” Chris spending time alone with Matt, ”


    That shows right there that her motive was NOT to be in a 3 way relationship. My guess is, she’s bidding her time waiting for him to dump the other guy.

  • ethan_hines

    Wow I have never read so many biphobic, anti-polyamorous comments in my life. We as humans have to get ready for this new world without gender or secuality. Open your minds and your hearts. What happened to Love is Love?!

    • Knight

      Ethan while I don’t agree with your “new world without gender or secuality” (sic) since I believe both sexuality and gender are actually biological facts as opposed to social constructs…I DO agree that there is an extra boat-load of hate against stories like this. I think many gay guys grow up in smaller communities where they are at times the ONLY visibly gay children/teens/adults etc, so they soon develop an “us vs them” mentality; either you’re one of us or one of them. There are several gay friends of mine who I would never mention that I am bisexual, because I know I would immediately be suspect at that point and possibly lose the friendship. So, it’s the same with stories like these; for many gays, the first reaction is, “another one ‘lost’ from the team!” as they believe the next logical progression will be for the bi dude to leave his long-time boyfriend for this chick and settle into a normal family. Yeah…not how it works.

    • alfred

      @ Ethan
      “We as humans have to get ready for this new world without gender or secuality.” Now you just sound like a religious nutter ffs. Both with the idea of this so called ‘new world’ coming into being, and the rejection of presumably heterosexuality as well as homosexuality. Gay and straight people exist lmao, dont need to ‘open your heart’. Agreed, some posters display a bit of biphobia, but I was actually surprised at how little really. Most here either just dont buy the story, or would think its just as dumb if this involved another man.

    • DarkZephyr

      @Ethan, I really don’t think you are reading that many “biphobic” comments or even anti-polyamorous. For my part I don’t care if other people want a polygamous relationship, that’s their business. And I have absolutely no problem with bisexuals, I have been in relationships with bisexual men who were perfectly monogamous and by that I mean in the *literal* sense of 1 on 1 with no cheating and no need for threeways. What myself and some others are suspicious of is how willing Matt and Cait are, deep down, to be in a poly-amorous relationship. Cait comes off as extremely jealous and Matt comes off like a guy who is terrified of losing the man he loves and Chris comes off as a selfish arse. That’s where *I* am coming from.

      @Knight You can keep the psychoanalysis to yourself, Dude. I don’t look at bisexuals as “them” vs “us”. I see them as my LGBT brothers and sisters and as I told Ethan, I have had bisexual boyfriends. My best friend in all the world is a bisexual woman. Its this story itself that I am suspicious of, as well as the motives of the individuals involved, not bisexuals or throuples.

    • Knight

      Dark that comment wasn’t directed towards you personally, since I never came across any of your comments until just now, but if you want to be an anal narcissistic douche and think this is all about you, then that’s your problem. What I said about the “us vs them” mentality is VERY apparent on this website. Before opening your mouth again, realize that a) this is a comment section…if you don’t like opinions from other people, stay away and go play with your extreme dildo for all we care and b) if you had the slightest amount of intellect or mental capacity towards reason, you’d know what I said was true from even the quickest scan of these anti-Bi comment here

      Got that, miss thang? Great. Now maybe you can learn some basic manners next time you decide to engage in a conversation.

    • DarkZephyr

      @Knight Wow, you sure got triggered. Calm down a bit. Listen Hot Head, I didn’t think you were posting to me directly or personally. I *recognized quite clearly* that you were making a *very generalized* commentary on gay men. As a gay man, I felt that responding as such was pretty damned appropriate and reasonable and I stand by my comments. I still think you can keep the damned psychoanalyzing to yourself.

      I love what you said right here though: ” Before opening your mouth again, realize that a) this is a comment section…if you don’t like opinions from other people, stay away and go play with your extreme dildo for all we care”

      Its a deliciously ironic statement given that you are trying to tell me off for a comment that I made in the comment section. And just an FYI, the words that seem to have you SO triggered didn’t come from my mouth, they came from my fingers when I typed them.

      “b) if you had the slightest amount of intellect or mental capacity towards reason, you’d know what I said was true from even the quickest scan of these anti-Bi comment here

      If you have the slightest amount of intellect or mental capacity towards reason, you would know by now that Queerty commenters can be some of the biggest, most mean spirited internet trolls on the planet, whether they are gay OR bi. Showing me trollish comments from gay Queerty readers about bisexuals isn’t very convincing since you can find trollish comments about gay men from bisexuals here as well (try to find some of the gems from “masc4masc as a for instance) AND you can find trollish comments about gay men from gay men. Its a damn b*tch fest at this site, just look at the homophobic things you chose to say to me, like calling me “Miss Thang” and telling me to go play with a dildo. I don’t know how long you have been participating here as I have never seen you comment before, but clearly you aren’t used to it yet. My comment to you was perfectly reasonable if direct. It *certainly* didn’t contain any personal, homophobic insults.

      Anyway, I know that there are biphobic sh** heads at this site, I am not trying to deny this. And maybe eventually you will come across my numerous defenses of bisexual men that I have posted at this site. My words were simply meant to show that there ARE many gay men who aren’t biphobic. Period.

      Maybe the next time you try to give me a lesson in manners you can lead by example and leave out the homophobia, personal insults and hypocrisy.

    • Knight

      Dark actually, I don’t have to listen to you, since you have proven repeatedly that you are pretty much an idiot and not worth dealing with.

    • DCguy

      Actually my comment was based upon the fact that one of the couple brought in somebody else who was obviously hostile to his partner, and against the wishes of his partner.

    • DCguy

      Interesting, Knight, you might be a better troll than I at first gave you credit for. In addition to taking all the GOP right wing positions, you are trying to subtly made wedge comments between gays and bisexuals.

      That’s some decent trolling, the RNC, or Putin should give you an extra $5.00 in your check this week.

    • DarkZephyr

      @Knight “Dark actually, I don’t have to listen to you, since you have proven repeatedly that you are pretty much an idiot and not worth dealing with.”.

      In other words, you haven’t got a damned thing to say in response.

    • DarkZephyr

      @DC I have my doubts that this guy is legit. I think you’re right, he’s a troll. Probably some person that we’ve dealt with in the past here under other names.

    • Knight

      DCTwat it’s common knowledge around here that you are the real troll, with 2+ fake accounts. No one takes you or anything you say here seriously.

      Dark not to you, since you have proven to be an idiot who dismisses facts. Can’t argue with stupid.

    • DarkZephyr

      @Knight, how about you explain exactly what I said that was idiotic? You won’t because you know that I didn’t make any idiotic points whatsoever.

      1) I am not biphobic but rather I defend bisexuals. 2) I am not against “thruples”, I just have certain suspicions about *this* particular one. 3) I think your comments calling me “Miss Thang” and suggesting I go play with a giant dildo are homophobic and as such I think you are being a hypocrite. 4) the comment of yours that I initially replied to WAS about gay men in general, I happen to be a gay man and I DO think you should keep your psychoanalyzing to yourself. 5) I have not denied that there are biphobic douche bags at this site and in fact have agreed with you that there are and then pointed out that I defend bisexuals to such individuals.

      How do any of those points make me an “idiot”? Where is a denial of facts in *any* of that? Nowhere. Your motivation to avoid responding to my points is not because I have “proven to be an idiot who denies facts”, its because you have no real reasoned responses. Just bullcrap ad hominem with no quantification. That’s all there is to it.

    • Knight

      Seriously? Do I have to give you yet another smackdown? I said ” I think many gay guys… soon develop an “us vs them” mentality” (note the “many”…not “all”), to which you mistakenly thought I was talking about you…as if I would care about anyone as irrelevant as you, and said “You can keep the psychoanalysis to yourself, Dude.” and dismissed what I said about the “us vs them” mentality. Wherein, I gave you actual visible proof that this mentality does exist right here on this website…and you then dismissed this fact saying “oh….um…they’re just meanies!” You are seriously either mildly ‘tarded or just clueless about how moronic you are. Case closed.

    • DarkZephyr

      Doesn’t have much to do with the article.

  • jayj150

    And this right here is why bi guys are good for hook ups, but never for LTR. Gay men are never going to be enough for them.

    • DarkZephyr

      That isn’t true. Bi guys are as varied as gay and straight guys when comes to how some are prone to monogamy and some aren’t. Plenty of bi guys are great for LTRs and plenty of gay man are terrible for LTRs.

    • jayj150

      “Plenty of

  • snj29

    They got matching tattoos! Perfect. Enjoy them.

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