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Marsha Blackburn just spoke and we’re all a little dumber now

Former-Home-Shopping-Network-sales-gal-turned-U.S.-congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is trending on Twitter this morning after she went on Newsmax to call for women’s rights activists peacefully protesting the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade to be jailed.

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“They should haul all these people down to police headquarters, they should book them,” Blackburn said while speaking about the who people that gathered outside Justice Alito’s house last night to sip wine, nibble cheese, and protest women’s rights being stripped away. “They’re trying to change the outcome of a SCOTUS decision, and they’re doing it by showing force and intimidation.”

Blackburn’s remarks are ironic, to say the least, considering that after Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, she released a joint statement with fellow Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty stating their plans to take a “united stand against the tainted electoral results from the recent Presidential election.”

“American democracy relies on the consent of the governed,” the statement read. “Protecting the integrity of the electoral process is paramount to preserving trust and legitimacy in the final outcome.”

In the end, Blackburn, who got her Bachelor’s degree in home economics, ultimately voted to certify the election results. But then a few weeks later she voted to acquit Donald Trump after he incited a deadly insurrection on the U.S. Capitol in an effort to overthrow those very election results.

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While you’re here, check out this clip of Blackburn plugging holiday ware on the Home Shopping Network back in the ’80s…

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