Martha Wash Gets The Love She Deserves


You might know her voice, but not her face, and we want you to get to know all of Martha Wash. She is perhaps best known for the hit song “It’s Raining Men,” which she sang with Izora Armstead as pop duo The Weather Girls (formerly Two Tons of Fun), but her voice has appeared elsewhere, including every song by dance group Blackbox and some C&C Music Factory singles. However, it was sometimes only her voice that appeared, as some skinny model was put on the album covers, presumably to boost sales.

Queerty pal Produzentin has a deep-rooted love for Martha Wash and sings the praises of her only solo album to date, which came out in 1993, and features the single “Give It to You,” which has a seriously amazing video.

After the jump watch the video, which we can only describe as a hedonistic tea party starring Martha as the Queen of Everything with several dozen mostly-naked man-servants. It will make you feel that all is right in the gaylaxy.

Martha, I Love You [Produzentin]