Marty Meehan Leaving The House?

One of the biggest allies in the war against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may be leaving the House of Representatives. Rumor has it that Marty Meehan of Massachusetts has been tapped for the Chancellor position at UMass Lowell. Blue Mass reports:

As is now being widely reported, Marty Meehan is the choice to lead UMass Lowell. And I’m hearing from a good source that he’s going to take it, announcement tomorrow at noon. (Big surprise, considering he hasn’t taken himself out of consideration.)

Our old friend Ryan from Ryan’s Take hits the nail when he muses:

For the first time in a long time, it looked like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was on its way out. Yet, if this nation loses one of its most important leaders on the effort, I really have no idea what will happen… Marty Meehan needs to get the job done before he goes home.


We’ll let you know when this rumor is either confirmed or denied. Until then, cross those pretty little fingers of yours.