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Mary Kay drops saleswoman after she’s caught tearing down Black Lives Matter sign

Beauty brand Mary Kay says it has cut ties with one of its most prolific Midwestern saleswomen after she was exposed for being a big old racist.

Linda Bergerson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been peddling products for the company ever since she quit her teaching job in the 1980s to become a full time cosmetics saleswoman.

She worked her way up within the pyramid scheme, becoming one of its top sellers and earning 19 of Mary Kay’s signature pink Cadillacs along the way.

Ironically, it was one of those pink Cadillacs that ended up leading to her downfall.

Earlier this month, she and her husband, Tom, were spotted getting out of their car and tearing down a Black Lives Matter sign in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

The sign was on the private property of resort owner Andy DeLisi, who saw what was happening on his security camera and called the cops.

When they arrived, the Bergersons told the officer they took down the sign because they’re racist to “send a message.” They were let off with a warning.

But after images of the Bergersons went viral on social media and Linda was ID’d by her car, Mary Kay issued a statement saying she’d been dropped by the company:

The Golden Rule, respect, and making others feel important are founding values here at Mary Kay and are expected from every independent beauty consultant that represents our brand. After looking into this situation, we will be severing our relationship with this individual.

Though the company says Bergerson is no longer an independent contractor, her profile remains active on its website.

City Pages, the local media outlet that first broke the story, notes, “This extremely preschool teacher-y statement doesn’t quite condone (or even acknowledge) the more problematic aspects of needing to take down a Black Lives Matter sign. So… good on Mary Kay for doing the absolute bare minimum of ass-covering?”

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